These are the Summer Bag Trends You Need to Know About

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This is the way to make a fashion statement with your most focused embellishment.

Is there a thing in your closet that gets more love and consideration than your handbag?

We carry them all over the place; they hold our key basics, valued belongings, and so on… and one is rarely enough. Much more than an accessory, a bag is at the core of how we dress for the day, evening, supper date, summer social, ocean-side departure, or wedding party.

Here is My pick of the parts of see you through the entirety of the above, and stand apart from the group…

A Beach bag:

An occasion fundamental, one reason we favor material or texture over a beach basket is you can pack it level.

Especially if you’re flying with a budget plan carrier who anticipates that you should bung everything into your bag or portable luggage, without considering the outcomes of straw or wicker catching your smalls!

Envelope Clutch:

With wedding season going all out, now is the ideal time to usher in a clutch… so you can have a glass of fizz in one hand, canapé in the other, and fold your handheld under your arm.

This time around, becoming flushed is the new naked, and most envelopes come with a dainty detachable strap so flexible and voguish.



One to mesh into your summer closet, the woven leather bag has been reconsidered in raffia or rattan – offset with golden hardware and chain detail to take you from day to night. Or on the other hand, designed in a summery strong for a pop of color.

Think designer refresh to finish any outfit, particularly sharp custom-fitted white jacket or linen cargo trousers.

Smart Shoulder:

Some might say it’s the summer of the shoulder, But this classic never becomes unfashionable. Undeniably more stylish than the crossbody which packs up your clothes and sits weighty on your hips, the shoulder straps hang perfectly with your ally and nothing gets unsettled up. When it comes to the better subtleties, a metal charm lends panache… otherwise, look for a bright to lift your outfit.

Pink Powder Bag:


Pink Powder Bag

Certainly, there hasn’t been a more enthusiastically expected film than Barbie – and if you love Barbie, you really want a bubblegum pink handbag. Reality not fiction.

The go-to variety this summer, the Barbiecore frenzy has a cult following with everything pink, from pastel to fuchsia… particularly a charming one in patent or pearl detail.

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