These Are Some of the Most Stylish Moments of Sargam Koushal

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Jammu girl Sargam Koushal brought the Mrs. World crown home after 21 years when she received the title in Las Vegas. In this gallery, you will find some of her most stylish moments.

Sargam Koushal

The moment Sargam Koushal received the coveted title and was chosen to represent India on the international stage, all eyes were on her, a schoolteacher who grew up to become a model and then a beauty queen, who was in a moment of emotion after receiving the coveted title. Having won the Mrs. World crown 21 years earlier in 2021, Aditi Govitrikar’s win was a long time coming. She told her parents that everybody was congratulating her during a news conference in Jammu.

Sargam Koushal winning mrs. world

It was Sargam, 32, who was viewed to be the winner of the Mrs. World 2022 pageant while wearing a pink gown embellished with sequins and embellished with embroidery work after she was announced as the winner. Second place went to Mrs. Canada, with Mrs. Polynesia placing first. The Mrs. India pageant announced on its Instagram page that the long wait is over! We have reclaimed the crown after 21 years! “After 21 years of waiting, we have been able to reclaim the crown! The long wait for the crown has finally come to an end!” Announcing the news: “It is finally time for the crown to be reclaimed!”

Sargam has worked hard and dedicatedly throughout his journey. As a family, we have always dreamed that Sargam would be able to reach this level in his career. In the past, Sargam had always dreamed of having her own business, but there was a bit of hesitation in her when she first contemplated the idea. As soon as we were married, we encouraged her to join the contest and we were confident that she would bring this crown back to India. As a result of her hard work, she has been able to accomplish what she set out to achieve. An interview with her father, GS Koushal, after Sargam’s win, described her as intelligent, talented, and good-hearted.

She has developed a sense of confidence since a very young age because of the hard work she has put into achieving her dreams. During her childhood, she was naughty and mischievous. As a child, she loved to dress up in sarees and dresses for play and for formal occasions. Meena Koushal, Sargam’s mother, told an interviewer that she had spotted her talent at an early age. Sargam Koushal is one of the most stylish contestants at the Ms. World 2022 pageant, and here are some of her best moments.

1. There is something beautiful about Kashmiri women

Having her beautiful Kashmiri women’s garment styled by Wazir C, Sargam truly represented her roots at Mrs. World 2022 as a Kashmiri ki Kali (Kashmir ki woman) wearing her beautiful Kashmiri women’s garment.

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2. There is an effect associated with peacocks

I am pleased to announce that Sargam’s beautiful outfit was inspired by our national bird, the peacock, and was awarded the award for the most exotic costume at the event. A gown designed by Eggie Jasmin made her look elegant in the way she carried herself.

3. Pink is a magical color

Bhawna Rao’s shimmery pink and backless evening gown was arguably one of the most eye-catching outfits at Sargam with its oomph. This outfit also helped the beauty win the crown.

4. Hearts are set to be conquered

As I was watching Sargam perform in the preliminary competition, I was impressed by the stunning outfit that she wore and I would like to express my admiration for her choice of clothing.


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