The White Shirt is Outstanding!


The white shirt is one of the most universal elements of every woman’s wardrobe. The uniqueness of the white shirt is that it can be worn both in the office and in a more informal setting. It is an outstanding, casual, and weekend item of clothing. But there are so many options that the main question associated with it is what is the best way to combine them?


Thinking about what to wear with a white shirt, it is worth understanding the principles of creating a modern outfit and including it in clothing.

When buying a white shirt, you need to pay attention to the color. It is better to choose a shirt in snow white.

Cold white gives a good shade to the color of the face, making it fresher, as well as looking especially good in photos.

If the woman has dark skin, then the white shirt is a cool white shade that can sharpen this contrast and on top, you can add a scarf or necklace to remove this effect. The white shirt has magic as it always creates an association with freshness, purity, and well-being.


It is a great idea to wear a white shirt with a women’s jacket, vest or light jacket. When you dress for the office and want to be in line and look cute, it is good for the shirt to be worn loosely, and not tucked inside to soften the stiffness of the clothing.


Pair White shirt with Printed Skirt for a Stylish look

A white shirt looks so classy on any outfit, and this is my favorite look. Pairing a black printed skirt with a white shirt looks so chic and stylish. It enhances a feminine look. Open hair with statement earrings and heels will add charm to your overall appearance.



White Shirt with Blazer for Office look

Now, this is such a classic look. Be a boss lady wearing this white shirt and blazer combination for your office look. You can also roll up the sleeves of the blazer to add style. Make sure your blazer fits well on your body. Add a wristwatch and simple heels with formal bags to complete the look.


By Kevin Osinde

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