The ultimate guide to dark academia fashion

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This guide will cover everything you need to know for dark academia fashion! From the type of hairstyles to the dress code you will have everything in one place.

Long coats

The first thing to invest in if you are coming towards dark academia fashion is a long coat specifically in a dark color as the aesthetic suggests. It will instantly give you that dark academia look you have been looking for!
dark academia fashion
dark academia fashion 1


Another wardrobe essential would be some knee-length dresses in a neutral color! The color pallet matters a lot. If you are trying dark academia fashion never go for colors like pink, yellow, etc. Instead, you should get yourself dresses (or essentially anything) in colors like black, brown, and beige.

dark academia fashion 3


If you want a modern take on dark academia foot ware chunky boots are your perfect partner. They align with any dark academia outfit well and give that marvelous touch to your overall look!
dark academia fashion 3


For jewelry, you don’t have to be very extra. Just some minimal pieces of rings and a bracelet (preferably in golden color)would be enough!

It would add that golden touch to your outfit that will make it look more appealing.

dark academia fashion 4


For hair, you need to stick to your natural one. Not many accessories are needed. You can do a high ponytail or a messy bun.
dark academia fashion 5

 This concludes this guide!

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By Meerab Sharjeel

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