The Top Bridal Look Back in Made In Heaven Season 2

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In “Made In Heaven” season 2, the sartorial selections are as significant as the narrative, weaving their tales. The brides featured this season serves as a wellspring of wedding inspiration, boasting bridal look worthy of Instagram admiration. The legendary Sabyasachi Mukherjee, both the designer and the individual, graces the screen, adding his essence to the show.

Bridal Look 1
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The collection of outfits ranges from sarees adorned with sequins that could overshadow a disco ball to extravagantly embroidered gowns. Each attire is meticulously tailored to suit the unique personalities of the brides in the series. Prepare to be enchanted by the undeniable allure of the bridal ensembles showcased in “Made In Heaven” season 2, where a world of distinctive charm awaits exploration.

TOP Bridal Look 2023 

The Colonial themed 

Bridal Look 2
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The Colonial Affairs” episode of “Made In Heaven” embarks on a colonial-themed wedding journey with Sarina, a bride whose dusky complexion fuels her aspiration for fairer skin, posing challenges for her relationship. On her wedding day, she adorns a resplendent dusty pink Sabyasachi lehenga. This masterpiece is adorned with intricate gold zardozi embroidery and boasts a prominent golden border accentuated by resplendent pink, blue, and gold resham zardozi and gota-patti work. The colour choice evokes reminiscences of Sabyasachi’s recent collection, wherein velvet and zardozi-embellished lehengas of the same shade take centre stage. The episode presents a poignant narrative that intertwines personal struggles with the opulent artistry of bridal couture. It looks so versatile that you cannot remove your eyes.

The Masterpiece With Hidden Gem

Bridal Look 3
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The poignant episode “Made In Heaven” is a stark reminder that escaping domestic abuse is far from straightforward. Mrunal Thakur takes the lead as Adhira, whose wedding is shrouded in sorrow. Yet, amidst the sombre atmosphere, her attire shines as a couture masterpiece. Designed by Tarun Tahiliani, her ensemble features a captivating blend of red and white. These deliberate colour choices symbolise her Jain heritage, while the wealthy zardozi work pays tribute to her fiancé’s Punjabi roots. A fabric belt adorned with intricate embroidery accentuates the look, underscoring this ensemble’s meticulous attention to detail. This poignant narrative intertwines personal struggles with the intricacies of culture and identity, reminding us of the power of storytelling through fashion.

The Gown Look by Manish Malhotra

Bridal Look 4
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A compelling tale where Kriti and Gulshan, separated by class divisions, rediscover each other years later, only to face their children’s engagement. Opting to prioritise their happiness, their intimate wedding becomes a canvas of their love story. Kriti, the bride, stuns in a lavish black gown crafted by Manish Malhotra. This opulent creation features intricate floral resham zardozi embroidery in vibrant colours juxtaposed with golden zardozi flowers, symbolising the fusion of their journeys.

The ensemble’s allure reaches new heights with the addition of an ornate choker and earring set adorned with striking Russian emeralds sourced from Manish Malhotra’s high jewellery line. Through this couture, the characters’ journey and emotions are intertwined with the richness of design and craftsmanship, accentuating the power of attire to convey deeper narratives.

Wedding in the picturesque

Shirazi’s Bollywood wedding in the picturesque backdrop of Nice, France, was a spectacle of grandeur and magnificence. The focal point of her attire was a sequin-embellished cocktail saree meticulously designed by Manish Malhotra. The saree was a true embodiment of glamour, exuding a radiance that only a seasoned actor who recognises her value could effortlessly carry off.

The saree adorned with sequins and the double cape sleeves set it apart, adding a touch of drama and contemporary elegance. A coordinating sequin belt further accentuated the ensemble, blending tradition with modernity perfectly. Leila Shirazi’s wedding look captured the essence of a Bollywood star’s luxury and confidence, exemplifying how fashion can reflect a person’s identity and self-assurance.


The Extraordinary Bridal Look 


The Extraordinary Bride Look 
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Radhika Apte’s portrayal of Pallavi shines as she graces the screen in a beautifully understated yet elegant bridal ensemble. The attire, carefully curated to exude joy, features a handwoven silk kanjeevaram saree designed by Gaurang Shah. The saree’s authenticity resonates with the character’s resolve to honour her roots. The bridal look is further elevated by including genuine gold temple jewellery from Kalyan Jewellers, adding a touch of tradition and cultural significance.

This portrayal of Pallavi Menke’s transformation is a testament to the power of asserting one’s identity and demanding respect. The bridal look symbolises not only Pallavi’s triumph but also the capacity of fashion to communicate deeper narratives of pride, heritage, and self-empowerment.

The Wedding Bride Look

The Wedding Bride Look
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Vidya’s wedding attire reflects her unique narrative and bold choices. She dons a regal purple Varanasi silk brocade saree crafted by Raw Mango, infusing tradition with modernity. The ensemble is complemented by opulent gold temple jewellery, symbolising cultural amalgamation and personal strength. Adorned with a fragrant jasmine in her hair, Vidya embodies the essence of a woman embracing her identity and rewriting her own story.

Carrying the spotlight 

Carrying the spotlight 
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The enchanting bridal look spotlight the beauty of diversity and individuality. Aditi is a vision in a lavish satin gown designed by Gaurav Gupta. The dress, adorned with gold sequins, exudes luxury and radiance. The pièce de résistance is a masterfully draped cape that adds an ethereal touch to the ensemble.

The other bride, Radhika, showcases a fusion of elegance and tradition in her attire. Her kurta is adorned with zardozi accents around the collar and wrists, blending the modern with the timeless. The choice of gold for both brides symbolises luxury, unity, and shared commitment.

Stunning Bridal Look

Stunning Look
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Her wedding ensemble is a stunning mustard green sharara designed by Rimple & Harpreet Narula. The sharara is adorned with intricate gold zardozi embroidery and appliqué work, creating a tapestry of luxury and artistry.

The Bridal Look

Stunning bridal Look
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In a daring yet elegant fashion statement, Elmira’s wedding ensemble in “Made In Heaven” features a plain white high-low gown. The gown is accentuated by a dramatic bow and sash, which adds a touch of whimsy and sophistication. A cheeky plunging neckline adds a hint of boldness to the outfit, perfectly capturing Elmira’s unique style.

Completing the ensemble is a flowing white veil that lends an air of classic romance and traditional charm. The delicate diamonds adorning her neck and ears provide a subtle touch of glamour, adding a refined sparkle to the overall look.

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