The Top 8 Most Expensive Earrings in the World

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The world of luxurious jewelry has always mesmerized enthusiasts and collectors alike with its splendor and opulence. The cherished pieces adorning the glamorous realm of earrings are often decorated with precious gemstones, pearls, diamonds, and more, sometimes carrying historical significance. From the remnants of royal legacies to modern-day auctions setting unprecedented records, the beauty of these sought-after possessions surpasses time and monetary value. In this article, we will explore the universe of extravagance and marvel to discover the top 8 most expensive earrings across the globe, each an embodiment of fine craftsmanship, history, and unparalleled beauty. So, without any further ado, let’s get started!

Most Expensive Earrings: Maria Antoinette Diamond Earrings ($1 Million)


Most Expensive Earrings: Maria Antoinette Diamond Earrings ( alt=

Maria Antoinette, the queen of France, tragically lost her diamond jewelry collection during the tumultuous period of the French Revolution. Reportedly, one of her diamond drop earrings, a gift from Louis XVI, made its way to Empress Eugenie’s possession and became a part of Grand Duchess Tatiana’s heirloom in Russia. Eventually, Cartier acquired these exquisite earrings which are now gracing the National Museum of Natural History, boasting 34.6 carats of diamonds and is valued at a jaw-dropping $1 million.

Most Expensive Earrings: Diamond and Pearl Earrings ($1.2 Million)

The exquisite pear-shaped diamond earrings bedecked with pearls are truly mesmerizing. These $1.2 million luxurious earrings are obtained from the Golconda mines in India, famous for their purest diamonds in Asia. They fetch high prices at exclusive private auctions because of their stunning allure and origin.

Most Expensive Earrings: Empress Eugenie Earrings ($3.3 Million)

Empress Eugenie, the final Empress of France, had an exquisite collection of vintage diamond jewelry. Among her coveted pieces was an exceptional pair of drop earrings featuring diamonds and natural pearls. These meticulously crafted earrings grabbed the attention of many at an auction, ultimately selling for around $3.3 million. This sale made them one of the most expensive pairs of earrings ever sold, possessing the jaw-dropping value of their stunning designs and natural pearl amalgamation.

Most Expensive Earrings: The Lorraine Schwartz Emerald Earrings ($3.4 Million)


Most Expensive Earrings: The Lorraine Schwartz Emerald Earrings (.4 Million)

One of the most stunning pieces of jewelry exhibited on the red carpet of the Oscar Awards was in 2009, and it was the Lorraine Schwartz emerald earrings, styled by the iconic American actress and filmmaker Angelina Jolie. These fine earrings are treasured for their uniqueness because Schwartz predominantly designs jewelry just for Hollywood’s elite. This earring features 115-carat emerald gemstones and is estimated to be valued at around $3.4 million.

Most Expensive Earrings: Colombian Emerald Earrings ($4.8 Million)

Most Expensive Earrings: Colombian Emerald Earrings (.8 Million)

According to some reports, the square-cut Colombian emerald earrings are cherished for their connection with royalty and have long been admired by affluent families and iconic personalities. These striking earrings, featuring 11.75-carat gorgeous emeralds, carry an approximate value of $4.8 million which makes them a coveted and precious possession across centuries.

Golconda Diamond Earrings ($12.8 Million)

Originating from the famous Golconda diamond mines of India, these dazzling earrings exhibit luxury and sophistication with their stunning craftsmanship. Each earring holds a 23.11-carat Golconda diamond, coveted for its colorless appearance, featuring unique and unseen clarity. This flawless pair is estimated to be worth around $12.8 million because of its detailed artistry and the exclusive quality of its gems.


Morir De L’Amour Diamond Earrings ($17.6 Million)

Morir De L’Amour Diamond Earrings (.6 Million)

The Mirror of Love, also referred to as the Morir De L’Amour diamond earrings, recently fetched around $17.6 million in November 2022  at a Christie’s auction in Geneva.  These earrings are precisely crafted with two pear-shaped diamonds weighing 52.55 carats each. They are considered among the most traditional and beautiful diamond earrings ever sold.

Apollo and Artemis Blue & Pink Diamond Earrings ($57.4 Million) 

According to Harper’s Bazaar reports, the Apollo and Artemis blue and pink diamond earrings hold the title for the most expensive pair of earrings across the globe. Sold at Sotheby’s auction, they fetched an incredible $57.4 million, despite not matching in color. These earrings, named after the Greek gods, feature the blue diamond Apollo, which is valued at $42 million, and the pink diamond Artemis, which is valued at $15 million. The blue diamond Apollo falls into the exceptional 0.1 percent Type IIb diamonds and weighs around 14.54 carats. Whereas, the pink diamond Artemis belongs to the Type IIa category which forms 1-2% of all natural gem-quality diamonds worldwide.

Summing Up

These top eight most expensive earrings epitomize ageless splendor, from historic legacies to modern-day auctions. They stand as beacons of unique craftsmanship adorned with precious gems and embody the lasting fascination with luxury that transcends time, leaving us astonished by their opulence.

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