The Top 15 Celebrity-Inspired street Style Trends

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 Street fashion is such a versatile style of fashion, and it’s also a style that you can honestly be anything you make it. That is why it has become a popular fashion design. And I love how clearly celebrities have been involved for years inspiring so many street style trends. 


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There have been so many styles and aesthetics that have come and gone over the years. But the one thing we all focus on is how our outfits make us feel. Everyone wants to feel sexy, confident and modest. We’re embracing it all and realizing that we can style anything that we want. Here in this post, we are going to look at the top street styles icons that have the best celebrity style. 

Below are the top 15 celebrity-inspired street style trends. 

Table of contents

  •  Oversized hoodie
  • Asymmetrical lace crop tops
  • Shorts
  • Tucked t-shirt
  • Tennis mini skirt
  • Oversized sweatshirt
  • Little black dress
  • Leather jacket
  • Biker shorts
  • Sandals
  • Tight jeans
  • Pants
  • Oversized flannel shirt
  • Short skirt
  • Tie-dyed hooded crop top

1. Oversized hoodie 


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Nothing is more classic than an oversized hoodie and sneakers. Hailey Baldwin has a stunning look that everyone would love to have, especially in summer. And adding a ball cap to the look, will always effortlessly give an outfit that extra cool factor. Copy this style from Hailey Baldwin and rule street fashion style!

2. Asymmetrical lace crop tops


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Street style can also be feminine, as in beautiful asymmetrical lacy tops with a twinning mini skirt. You can copy Elsa Hosk as she flaunted her killer curves with it.

3. Shorts


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I love shorts! And if you hate it, you’ve just never styled it right! Either it is denim shorts or printed shorts, it is a street wear staple! You can pair it, as Gigi Hadid did, with a front zipper sweater and printed little black graphic t-shirt. And a good thing is that you can pair any kind of footwear, from sneakers to sandals.

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4. Tucked t-shirt


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Anyone else obsessed with black pointed toe flat shoes? These babies are cool, and they look stunning with loose sky blue jeans. Take a look at Emma Roberts as she makes a statement in a white printed letter t-shirt paired with sky blue jeans.

5. Tennis mini skirt


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Pleated tennis skirts are absolutely the cutest, and they always take me back to my high school P. E days of feeling sporty and gorgeous. And Kimberly Gorner wears a pink pleated tennis skirt and a crop top. She makes a great appearance as she pairs them with white sneakers. This is a style to copy from her when going out, especially in summer.

6. Oversized sweatshirt


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Oversized sweatshirts have a special place everywhere, even in street-wear fashion! Rihanna just wears it with black skin-tights and black strap high heel sandals. I like this style by Rihanna.

7. Little black dress


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A little black dress really looks amazing, and you can style it like Kourtney Kardashian as she wears it with strappy stiletto sandals.

8. Leather jacket


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This is for sure an effortlessly chic and trendy outfit. Kendall Jenner’s leather jacket is the best bomber jacket to add to your fashion to get a darling look. Especially if you are planning to go outdoors this weekend, it would be your best choice.

9. Biker shorts street style trends


Biker shorts street style trends
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If you’re bold enough to wear your biker shorts outside the house, then this is such a trendy summer outfit. Look at Olivia Culpo as she pairs it with a sports bra, oversized jacket, and metallic ankle boots. She created a stunning style that we all like!

10. Sandals


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These sandals can go with everything inside your wardrobe, and they can make great street fashion, just as Alessandra Ambrosia turns her shirt into a dress to wear with her favorite sandals.


11. Tight jeans street style trends


Tight jeans street style trends
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Tight jeans are always guaranteed to make you look like a badass. Just like Kim Kardashian, she looks trim and toned in it, with a plunging t-shirt.

12. Pants


pants street style trends
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Pants are just a vibe in all kinds of seasons. Priyanka Chopra wears it with a sleeveless striped bodysuit. She really has a good street style that can inspire anyone. Wearing it with heels will make a cute look too.

13. Oversized flannel shirt


Oversized flannel shirt street style trends
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Do we all love oversized flannel shirts? They go with literally anything! Just look at Arianna Grande styling it with thigh high boots.

14. Short skirt street style trends


Short skirt street style trends
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Beyoncé wears a short skirt, and it is really a vibe as she pairs it with a black lace turn-down shirt. Also, the short front zipper skirt creates a seriously stunning twist. Accessories are your short zipper skirt with a pair of embossed belts. This will help you to have a stunning street style.

15. Tie-dyed hooded crop top street style trends 


Tie-dyed hooded crop top street style trends 
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A tie-dyed hooded cropped top over white ripped tight leggings makes such a beautiful look that it can make you look fashionable all day. Pair them with your white Adidas sneakers like Jennifer Lopez and get a cute outfit!

Share your favorite celebrity street fashion style that you have liked most from the above in the comment!

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