The Top 10 Types of Face Piercings

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Face piercings are quite common, and they are also popular worldwide. There are so many categories of face piercings that one can choose from, from dimple piercing to eyeball piercing, depending on the place that you want to be pierced on your face. Here in this article, we are going to look at the types of face piercings.

face piercings
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The following includes the top 10 types of face piercings.

Table of contents

  • Ear-piercing
  • Dimple piercing
  • Bridge piercing
  • Eyeball piercing
  • Third eye piercing
  • Lip piercing. Eyebrow piercing
  • Nose piercing
  • Cheek piercing
  • Horizontal eyebrow piercing

1. Ear-piercing

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There are so many categories of ear piercings that you may choose from, such as cartilage piercing, snug ear piercing, orbit ear, tragus, and more. And also, there are different types of ear-piercing, like a straight barbell, captive ring, and others. You should know that each one of them is suitable for different types of ear piercings, such as industrial piercing and cartilage piercing, respectively.

2. Dimple piercing

Face Piercings: dimple
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This kind of piercing is similar to a cheek piercing. And the difference is that this one is pierced right in the dimple. Dimple piercing makes one with dimples have a beautiful smile!

3. Bridge piercing

Face Piercings: nose bridge
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This kind of piercing is a type of nose piercing that can have a unique and cute look. Also, it involves making two holes in a vertical line on the bridge of the nose. If you want perfect piercing jewelry, then you should try a straight barbell.

4. Eyeball piercing

Face Piercings: eyeball
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Eyeball piercing is the process of implanting a piece of jewelry with a nice metal right under the first layer of your eyeball. And it really requires extra care and professional supervision at regular intervals of time after your implementation.

5. Third eye piercing

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This kind of piercing is a piercing that is conducted right on the third eye spot of a person. Also, third eye piercing is one of the unique types of piercings amongst a variety of forehead piercings.


6. Lip piercing

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All types of lip piercings are trending. And this is one of the best face-piercing ideas. There are different types of lip piercing jewelry out there that you may choose from, such as lippy loop ring, curved barbell, flat labret, spiral barbell, and captive bead ring.

7. Eyebrow piercing

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Eyebrow piercing involves the puncturing of two holes on the upper and the lower sides of the eyebrow. And a lot of ladies choose to have this piercing as a style statement due to its stylish and free-spirited appearance. Also, eyebrow piercing is popular worldwide.

8. Nose piercing

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A nose piercing is the best for those who want to try face piercing. And there are so many categories of nose piercing jewelry that you may choose from, such as nostril studs, nose hoops, curved barbells, straight barbells, and others.

9. Cheek piercing

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These piercings are unique and stylish. Getting a cheek piercing can depend on the face structure and the cheekbone to make it worth getting a piercing.

10. Horizontal eyebrow piercing

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A horizontal eyebrow piercing involves two piercings on a horizontal line right above the eyebrow. This type of piercing is one of the best choices among other categories of eyebrow piercing. And the suitable horizontal eyebrow piercing jewel is a curved barbell.

Do you like face piercings? Share your favorite face piercings that you like most in the comment.

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