The Top 10 Pakistani Fashion Accessories that are always in High Demand

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Pakistan’s fashion history is highly rich, and its accessories are no exception. Accessories that are made in Pakistan are always in demand, especially the traditional handmade ones and modern statements, in the local markets as well as abroad. Whether it’s Khussa, a handbag, or artificial jewelry, all are famous for their intricate details and fine craftsmanship. Let’s explore some of the most demanding Pakistani fashion accessories of all time.

1. Khussa

Pakistani fashion accessories 14

(Image: Pakistani Khussas)

The Pakistani khussa is a traditional style handmade shoe. It’s plain for the men, but for the females, they are adorned with embroidery, sequins, and beads. They come in different designs, colors, and sizes so that people from each group can wear them. They are often paired with traditional dresses such as shalwar kameez or lehenga. With time, Khussas have become highly popular and are widely used in all urban and rural cities equally. Initially, only local artisans used to make them, and now many renowned designers have started creating unique khussa pieces that are fashionable as well as comfortable for everyday wear. Even at weddings, people wear custom-made khussas that match their outfits.

2. Artificial Jewelry

Pakistani fashion accessories 10
(Image: Artificial Jewelery)

Yes, you read it right. People in all the major cities of Pakistan are just obsessed with locally produced artificial jewelry (jewelry made without gold) due to its affordability, variety, and aesthetic appeal. Even on special occasions, people prefer artificial jewelry that complements their dresses perfectly and is easily available in nearby places. Fashion choices are personal and reflect individual styles and cultural norms, but in rural cities, people mostly don’t go for them and opt for jewelry made with gold. Whereas in urban cities, it’s the opposite.

3. Nose Ring

Pakistani fashion accessories Nose ring
(Image: Nose Ring)

In Pakistan, nose rings are common and are considered an important symbol of beauty. It’s been part of the tradition for generations and makes females look extremely attractive. Nose rings are believed to have originated in India, as the practice of nose piercing started there and later spread to various regions in Asia. Nose rings are always in demand, as they are considered a way of connecting with the culture and honoring ancestors. Also, they have become a symbol of purity, beauty, and, in some parts, marital status. In Pakistan, girls just love to wear them, especially the plain ones in the small size. However, in some cultures, the brides wear large nose rings at their weddings and other auspicious occasions, often gifted from the groom’s side. They are passed down from generation to generation to preserve the cultural tradition. For young, unmarried girls, small nose rings are a way for them to express their identity and style and be proud of their roots. Some believed that wearing nose rings had health benefits, such as an improved respiratory system.

4. High Heels

Pakistani fashion accessories 9
(Image: High Heels)

The craze for high heels has been around forever in Pakistan. They are considered a symbol of fashion, sophistication, and elegance. Girls feel more confident and attractive when they wear high heels, be it at work, at events, or at university. It is worth noting that not all girls like to wear high heels due to comfort, but the majority of them do.

5. Rings

Pakistani fashion accessories rings
(Image: Rings in Pakistan)

It won’t be wrong if we say that Pakistani females are obsessed with rings. The market is full of intricate designs with precious stones and metals. Rings are one of the most popular jewelry items in Pakistan, and they come in a variety of styles, shapes, and sizes. There has been a constant high demand for rings for many years, and it doesn’t seem to be declining anytime soon.

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6. Clutches

Pakistani fashion accessories 8
(Image: Clutches in Pakistan)

Clutches in Pakistan are beautiful, and they come in a variety of colors, designs, sizes, and materials. In each piece, there is intricate detailing and fine craftsmanship that make them pretty, stylish, and comfortable for everyday wear. Clutches are one of the must-have accessories for women in Pakistan, as they go well with both formal attire and daily wear. Because of the constant high demand in the market, the big fashion designers have jumped in, and now designer clutches have become increasingly popular.

7. Watches

Pakistani fashion accessories 6
(Image: Pakistani watches)

Watches are highly popular, especially in cities. It’s a must-have accessory for college and office going females. It’s one of the most timeless fashion accessories in Pakistan. Omega, Tissot, Tag Heuer, and many other international and local brands are available for everyone. There are watches for everyone, regardless of budget or style differences.

8. Scarves

Pakistani fashion accessories 3
(Image: Scarves in Pakistan)

Scarves are highly popular in almost all Muslim countries, and Pakistan has been producing some of the most beautiful scarves in the world. Pakistani scarves come in different colors, styles, and materials, including cotton, silk, and chiffon. Pakistani scarves are highly demanded for their detailed handmade embroidery and unique designs.

9. Traditional bangles

Pakistani fashion accessories 2
(Image: Bangles in Pakistan)

From plain designs to embellishments using glass, metal, or plastic, all sorts of bangles are available for women and for all age groups. Bangles are an important part of Pakistani tradition and are considered a symbol of femininity and beauty. Females in Pakistan wear them especially on special events such as weddings, Eid etc. Some people believe that bangles bring good luck and prosperity. Bangles are not only a cultural and traditional symbol but also a graceful Pakistani fashion accessory that adds to their beauty.

10. Kundan earrings

Pakistani fashion accessories 1
(Image: Kundan Earrings in Pakistan)

Kundan earrings are another important fashion accessory in Pakistan. Throughout Pakistan, there are many jewelers who specialize in creating Kundan jewelry. Kundan earrings are popular in Pakistan, especially on formal occasions such as weddings or cultural events.

Pakistani accessories are not only in high demand within the country but also in other countries. Mentioned above are the accessories that are timeless and popular for their fine craftsmanship, and unique and delicate designs. Whether it is jewelry, shoes, scarves, or bags, Pakistani accessories have a special place in the world of fashion.

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