The Top 10 Belts for Ladies


A belt can break your look or make it look stunning. Also, it can be used to raise your style quotient by several notches. There are so many categories of belt designs, shapes and shades that you may choose from depending on the look that you want to style. Here in this post, we are going to look at the different types of belts for ladies.

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Below is a list of the top 10 belts for ladies. 

Table of contents

  • Hip belt
  • Buckle belt
  • Cinch belt
  • Lace-up belt
  • Double buckle belt
  • Garter belt
  • T-lock belt
  •  Fringe belt
  •  Twist belt
  • Skinny belt

1. Hip belts for ladies

Hip belts for ladies 
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If you like to dance, then definitely a hip belt would be your best accessory. Even if you don’t have any experience with shaking your belly, you can wear it and look like a fashion diva. For a cute look, layer it with pants, a mini skirt, a short dress, and even shorts would do better if you are going out to a party.

2. Buckle belt

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This kind of belt gives a strap designed with holes and a striking bucket. You can pair it with an oversized outfit. And it comes in different shades and sizes, also a buckle belt can give your attire a stylish spin. You may style it for occasions like any formal and for any casual events.

3. Cinch belt

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A cinch belt is a wide belt that you can rock to create a slimmer silhouette. And for a stunning look, try to wear it with a colored tunic, an animal print outfit. Also, you may style when going out to occasions such as casual, cocktail and to the party.

4. Lace-up belt

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A lace-up belt comes in varying widths, you can select the one that can flatter your figure. A wide lace-up belt that brushes your breast suits a smaller waist better, while a belt with less width can look great on a fuller waistline. You can perfectly wear it with your jumpsuit, loose dresses, even a shirt dress. And you can style it when going out to places like casinos, clubs, parks, and more places.


5. Double buckle belts for ladies

Double buckle belts for ladies
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If you want to sport a trendy and Bohemian look, rock a double this kind of belt with your outfit. The two buckles on the belt may be placed on top of one another, or they may face each other on the strap. You can wear it with your short skirt, an oversized t-shirt, maxi dress and others. It would be better if you could style it when going out to a party or to any casual events.

6. Garter belt

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A garter belt is mainly worn as an undergarment, and if you are looking for how to hold your stockings up and to prevent them from sliding down, then you can try this kind of belt. You may wear it with your bodysuits, wedding dresses, shorts, gowns and others. You can wear it to your next bachelorette party.

7. T-lock belt

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The T-lock belt boasts a buckle that locks automatically, and one part of the buckle looks like the letter T. It has no holes or grommets on the strap. You can elevate your casual style and look like a stunner by selecting a stylish T-lock belt that goes with your regalia. You could wear it to your next weekend night out.

8. Fringe belts for ladies

Fringe belts for ladies
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If you want to sport the fringe style, try a fringe belt and rock it over your outfit. These kinds of belts have an extra flounce that can add volume to your waist. And if you are a petite lady, this is the right belt for you! You can wear it with your skinny pants, fitted skirts, and even leggings.

9. Twist belts for ladies

twist belts for ladies
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The twisted belt is another stylish accessory that can help to look stunning all day. And it has two straps that intersect loops towards the back. To have a great look, then you should make sure the back of your outfit is visible so that you can flaunt the unique style. You can wear it with your casual skirt, long shirt and fitted trousers.

10. Skinny belts for ladies

skinny belts for ladies
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If you are searching for an accessory that you can wear with all your everyday apparel, wear a skinny belt. This kind of belt has a thin strap and a small buckle. Needless to say, don’t expect it to keep your denim in place, just wear it to add a feminine touch to your style, and create a slimming effect.

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