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With Bras being a piece of clothing that is in demand for everyday use, it’s no wonder that there are numerous brand names available. Much like any other garment, bras are not the same everywhere.

Go for quality. You won’t regret it.

It’s pretty easy to get a cheap, poorly made bra, just like it’s easy to get any other cheap, poorly made product. If you want something that will not only provide you with the comfort, support, and beauty your body needs but will also help in reducing the number of your bra shopping trips, then it’s time to go in for a well-made, high-quality bra.

This may sound like an unfamiliar cliche but bras don’t fall off trees. You have to spend your precious money, not to mention time, hunting for bras. With this sort of investment, you’ll want to buy something that lasts long.

Check out these popular bra brands…

There are many popular brand names in the market, each with its own designs, styles, and variations. Let’s take a look at some of the popular brands in the bra market.

As one of the most recognized names in women’s lingerie, apparel, and personal care products, Victorias Secret is big on bras. Their bra collections are often trendsetters and are world-famous.

Bali is another company that is known for its functional yet beautiful bras. Founded by Sara Stein in 1927.

The Wonderbra manufactured by the Sara Lee Corporation is a push-up bra that was a sensation during its time. It was a massive success and drew huge amounts of attention. It was designed to make the bust look larger, thus enhancing a woman’s cleavage.

Other famous brand names are Maidenform Calvin Klein, Lejaby Warners, La Senza Freya Hanro Triumph 6ixty 8ight Wacoal Elle Mcpherson Intimates Elita and Layette.

By Deepa G. 

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