The Saree: Soul of Indian Women

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There is no doubt about in, the saree is the first choice of women. The saree is the attire of Indian culture and tradition, and it is the most important thing that use to make women beautiful and gorgeous with the traditions and cultures, In India have different types of saree in separate States Rajasthan have the Rajwadi saree, Maharashtra has Marwadi saree and Banaras have Banarasi saree.

The history of the saree is very specific and traditional point because the saree be the first choice of every woman since the Indus Valley civilization 2800-1800 BCE around the northwestern part of the Indian subcontinent.

The tradition of Saree in Bollywood

Bollywood has a great sense of saree style, their first priority for their heroines is the saree because the saree gives them divine beauty and personality. Some of the most iconic actresses who is famous for her saree style.

Bhanurekha Gemini Ganesan: known by her stage name Rekha. She is a legendary and iconic actress in Bollywood. Who also famous for her acting skill and performance but she is famous for her saree style too. She wear always sarees no matter what the environment and occasion she wears saree at festivals, film promotions, pooja functions, and stage performances and parties. She also wears silk, banarasi, and bandhani sarees. These sarees emerged in her look and style, she continuously grew up with the Indian tradition and culture, her looks also try to make an impact on today’s dressing sense of Bollywood, she always tries to look more cultural and improve and show her Indians.

Shree Amma Yanger Ayyappan: known as Sridevi, she was an iconic actress in Bollywood and also an inspiration for all of us. She had 300 movies in Bollywood her all movies got hit and win the heart of all her fans. She is also famous for her saree style and her look. She wears many types of saree in her fashion journeys like Rajasthani saree, silk saree, Kanchipuram saree, modern saree, marwadi saree, and many more types of saree.

Let’s talk about different types of saree.

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1. Chanderi saree

Chanderi saree

The Chanderi saree is known for its similarity and clear work, it also goes for shining and bright your personality with Traditions.

This saree gives you golden looks with worthless beauty it keeps you shining and growing up naturally.

2. Banarasi saree

Banarasi saree

Red and hot pink color always goes for banarasi sarees, Banarasi saree is a plus point of tradition and culture. It gives you Comfortablness with spirituality and creates a good environment around you. It also has heavy printed and embroidery work.


3. Silk saree

Silk saree

Silk saree means comfort with divine beauty, it gives you a natural shining personality and also creates a golden glow on your face.

This floral silk saree creates an attractive look and environment around you and encourages your looks.

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