The President-Elect: Tinubu Jagaban Styles

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Ahmed Bola Tinubu, also known as Jagaban is a Nigerian politician born on 29 March 1952. He lived early in his career in the southwestern part of Nigeria. Tinubu went to St.John Elementary School in Lagos State. In 1975, he moved to the Chicago United States where he made his Bachelor of Science in Accounting from the University of Chicago.

Bola Tinubu serves two terms in office as the Executive Governor of Lagos State from 1999 to 2007. His political orientation and leadership skills were discovered during his term in office, hence, he becomes one of the Fathers of politics in Nigeria.

The All Progressive Congress nominated him as the running aspirant in the presidential race that is to come up on February 25th, 2023.

Bola Ahmed Tinubu who is popularly known as Jagaban of Lagos is a fashion figure and will never back down any time soon. His style has called for special attention, and so many in the country are now seeing him as Mashood Abiola’s incarnate. Just like Abiola, Tinubu is fond of Nigerian traditional wear named ‘Agbada’, eyeglasses, and a Yoruba special Cap.

The special cap worn by Tinubu has made so many people emulate his style by making the same sculpture of design quoted from him. Rumour has it that the design is an occultic sign and that everyone that has such inscription on a cap like that is a member. Well, my judgment is that political propaganda.

Tinubu is a man who adores the fashion and entertainment industries in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. He carved out a special design on his cap to motivate his intention for personal life achievement by using fashion. As a man of the people, knowing fully well, that his followers and lovers would replicate his styles and fashion designs in their personal and professional careers, he never stop to demonstrate his passion and love for fashion.

Ahmed tinubu’s Favorite Fabrics Color

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According to research, the former Governor of Lagos and All Progressive Congress Presidential aspirant, Bola Tinubu has a special impression for blue and white dresses in Yoruba traditional agbada fashion. You don’t want to miss that dress, especially if you are from Nigeria. Rich and high profiles in the country maintain their social presence and status on the special agbada costume.

If you are in middle-class status but want to be known or popular in Nigeria, the agbada fashion style is for you.

Tinubu’s Fashionable Eye-Glass

Bola Ahmed Jagaban of Lagos is adamant about the use of eyeglasses. He loves to put on transparent glasses on most occasions. So that his eyeballs could be seen clearly inside the glass. Believe me, this man called Tinubu is adorable and fashion endowed when he combines the lens to match up with his clothing color and specially branded Yoruba traditional cap.


Tinubu is a man who is trying to resurrect yoruba special fashion styles and designs. He is a fashionable political figure in Nigeria. When you visit the western part of Africa, make sure to visit Lagos Nigeria to meet with the Jagaban of Lagos.

Photo credit; Bola Ahmed Tinubu and Google

By GACC News

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