The Power of the Red Lipstick

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By now everyone knows that most of us ladies, love ourselves the hot red lips????especially when we are having a bad hair day or simply having a bad day. So let’s talk about the power of red lipstick. 



Whether we choose matte or gloss, Red gives us the boost.! The messy hair or bad hair day from mood, over-processing or humidity, is overpowered and overlooked when we wear our make-up and smile. The smile gets its attention every time and is complemented with the right shade of Red Lipstick, on any and every occasion. This ability that ‘Red’ has is powerful and should never be underestimated. It gives confidence and assurance. It improves your mood when it goes well with your complexion and that is all you need.


No matter how deep or light the chosen shade of red maybe, the “attitude” is always the statement it makes. Sassy and also classy, is the message we send when we complete our make-up at night or by day.


We owe it to the lady who gave us the red lipstick inspiration, Marilyn Monroe. Her personality was enticing and magnetic. She would always be remembered for the physical attributes that stood out the most. Her beauty, that memory, will never be bare or bland. Her hair and red lips are the images in all of our minds, at the very mention of her name.


Although this color is not the preferred choice for the career woman on the job, it can be utilized in moderation or by use of lighter shades. Red comes in many shades and a little can go a long way. It tends to overpower and is loud, so the workplace isn’t the best place to flaunt it, as it tends to distract.

Yes! Red lips are a distraction, hence it takes all the attention away from the flaws and onto themselves.


The famous Gwyneth Paltrow quotes, “Beauty, to me, is about being comfortable in your own skin. That, or a kick-ass red lipstick.”

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Not only does it speak for itself, Red Lipsticks ‘kick-ass!’

I cherish red lipsticks, along with my red clothes. Red to me is my color of choice. It not only looks good on me, it represents me. Apart from black, I would wear red for that formal event. Over the years, I have tried and tested many red shades and textures of lipstick and have found that the matte textures suit me best. Lip liners also have their shades and textures, but choosing a lip liner for a red matte lipstick, has to be a shade darker or the closest possible shade of the red lipstick being worn. Don’t forget, that the liner must also be long-lasting, and the matte liners work well with the glossy lipsticks. Some liners fade quickly so choose your brand wisely. I prefer the Jordana brand for lip liners, and I would like to see all the shades available on the cosmetic market once again.

Some people look best in glossy lipsticks. The shine enhances their lips, teeth, and looks. Red shades in glossy, have a tendency to lean toward the pink and in extreme cases, toward the burgundy, yet still considered to be ‘Red’. The choice is always up to the one wearing it. Some complexions change the actual color of the lipstick when worn. This means, if the Colour looks light red on the stick, it may look red, dark red, or burgundy on the person wearing it.


Testing lipstick shades and colors on the back of the palm is not always a good idea as the back of the palm, is not necessarily the same complexion as the face, chin, or under the nose. It’s best to test as close to the lips as possible if you want to choose the right shade for you.

Testing for textures and shades, such as matte or gloss, should be done when the face has no makeup. The right shade for you can only be determined when it looks good on you, by itself. Wearing a matte or gloss alone on the face without the company of foundation, powder, eye shadows, and eyeliners, would always let you know which texture and color suits you best, day or night.


By Tricia Brown

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