The Power and Beauty of Pukhraj Stone: A Brief Overview

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Pukhraj stone, also known as yellow sapphire has captivated jewelry enthusiasts and collectors for many centuries. It is a revered member of the Corundum mineral group and is ruled by the Solar System’s largest planet, Jupiter. That said, it possesses all the elements of the planet and is available in exquisite shapes, various sizes, and different hues of yellow.

Since time immemorial, pukhraj has been considered one of the auspicious stones owing to its varied healing attributes that help the wearer in multiple ways. For the unvetted, we have put together a list of the many benefits of the yellow gemstone that make it one of the sought-after precious stones in the present times.

Let’s help you navigate through them before we shed some light on the Pukhraj Stone price and more details:

How Pukhraj Benefits Its Wearer?

1) Physical Well-being:

The Pukhraj stone has close ties with the Manipura Chakra, one of the seven significant chakras in one’s system. Wearing pukhraj activates, balances, and heals this chakra, which is affiliated with an improved digestive and strong immune system. Besides this, the yellow gemstone is believed to cure kidney-related diseases and provide speedy relief from cough, fever, jaundice, and other health issues.

2) Emotional Stability:

The color yellow of the gem is associated with tranquility and positivity. It is said that the pukhraj brings calmness to the mind and thus, relieves any undesired emotions of stress and anxiety. Those who wear it experience its miraculous impact in their day-to-day living

3) Spiritual Healing:

Wearing pukhraj bestows upon its wearer multi-fold spiritual benefits such as heightened spiritual awareness. Moreover, it enables the individual to connect with the higher realms of consciousness and therefore, live an enriching and evolved life.

4) Enhanced Marital Status:

Pukhraj stone is widely known to benefit women in several ways. Those who wish for a blissful married life or seek the perfect companion are often recommended to wear pukhraj by expert astrologers. Apart from this, the yellow stone blesses the couple with a healthy progeny.

5) Wards off Evil Energy:

It is said that the yellow gemstone keeps the wearer away from negativities and evil energies and their impact and opens up endless possibilities in the lives of those who wear it.


6) Promotes Career Growth:

It is beneficial for professionals like advocates, and those in the fields of teaching, writing, or other creative avenues. This is because of its ruling planet, Jupiter, who is considered the guru of all deities. Further, it allows the wearer to be more decisive, understand and handle challenging situations with confidence, and attain success in every aspect of life, be it business, career, professional, or nuptial.


Now that you are acquainted with the pukhraj stone, you might be eager to invest in it. So, here’s everything you need to know about the pukhraj ratna price.

The price of a gemstone that includes pukhraj depends upon its color, clarity, carat, treatment, and origin. Taking into account these factors, the price of the yellow sapphire may vary from 2000 per carat to 50000 per carat and more.

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