The Perfect First Date Dress 2022

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First Date Dress
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HFashionistas, yes, it’s been a while and I blame it on my stress. Work, projects, school, and all have consumed my time and I’m really sorry, for letting it get in the way of our beautiful conversations.

Anyway, without wasting much time, I was thinking, what kind of clothes or dresses can one wear for a first date?

 What I came up with is; where are we going? The important question to ask for your first date is the where and time… So you will be all prepared to dazzle with the perfect first date dress.

First Date Dress 1
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The choice is yours. Whether it’s the long classy gown or the short cute dress, your pick would leave you looking amazing. So choose one, my favorite is the short dress😊 and a quick disclaimer, the short dress can be worn or adorned with sneakers.

First Date Dress 2
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Simple yet classy is the new beauty in vogue. Like I always say, my major aim in dresses is comfort. This gown can be worn for any event and even to the beach😌. So slay your date and rock your day.

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Who said dresses are the only thing a woman can wear to slay her date. On the contrary, you can wear jeans and still look great. A sense of fashion is in the heart of every woman, you just need to bring it out. And once again, you can adorn it with sneakers for more comfort.

Why not let me know your favorite pick, by simply comment which one you like best or for more beauty, you can send in your personal favorites as a picture to the comment section.

I’ll stop here for now and hope you now have the perfect first date dress, and continue some other time, is that okay, fashionistas?

Later fashionistas 🥰

By Oluwatoyosi Oludare

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