The Perfect Business Outfit

business outfit
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Business outfits can be found almost everywhere and have been familiar to us for years. But how do we get the perfect business outfit? What to do and what not to do.

business outfit: office style

What is the secret behind a perfect business outfit?

Business outfits are part of the office style, which is a classic style of dressing and has been known to us for a long time. So, most of the items are classic and basic wardrobe pieces.

The energy of the business outfit is masculine and the colours are neutral.

Usually, the classic black and white combination is used, which best expresses the balance.

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This outfit should convey both respect, seriousness and distance as well as confidence and approachability.


business outfit 2

When and how to wear a business outfit

Office attire is absolutely necessary when working in the office or when negotiating an important deal, when having a very formal meeting or when having a presentation in politics, science or any other activity where a serious and formal image resonates best.

For example, a two-piece in neutral colours worn with stiletto shoes and a button-down shirt is perfect for a politically themed presentation, but if you’re presenting a student camping trip project, you’d put up a lot of resistance with this outfit.

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So a colourful jacket with a simple top underneath, maybe even jeans and a pair of round-toed shoes would be more appropriate. This way we will command respect through the masculine energy given by the jacket, heels and trousers, but also convey playfulness through colour and accessibility through the familiar arty texture of denim.

If it’s a beauty project, we also focus on feminine energy. This time we can even choose an office or minimalist style dress and why not a classic shirt and skirt. The length though, would be ideal to maintain somewhere between the knees and ankle to keep our look serious.

The jacket would not be good to give up. We can, however, replace it with a vest in a masculine cut so that we can retain our masculine energy, superiority and respect. We can also add a colourful piece, but in an elegant colour, even a little pearlescent if the event takes place in the evening.

Cherry, royal blue and royal green are good options.

business outfit 3

But how to have a perfect matching business outfit?

We have to keep in mind that the more formal the location, type of event or company we work for, the more formal our business outfit should be.

Once we have respected this we can change our outfit according to our preferences, but maintain the three main elements of a perfect business outfit: seriousness, respect and approachability.

We can add a traditional element.

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You can also use a stronger colour for a good mood. We can wear a dressier undershirt instead of a shirt for a sexier look or we can choose an oversized jacket for even more masculinity. But let’s never combine several options at the same time.


business casual outfit

Also if you don’t need such a formal outfit in your work environment you can change one item with a casual one. The dress with jeans, the jacket with a vest, the shirt with a tank top or tank top, the shoes with ballet flats or boots.

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What never to wear: Socks and underwear on display, too many accessories and plastic, cuffs, fringe, torn, dirty or wrinkled clothes, cut-out slippers, patch pockets, logos and messages.



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