The Official Office Fashion 2022

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The one place we always want to make our confident statement is in our workplace. Many people have their own signature looks and even some workplaces have their own uniforms, however, how we dress, is how we will be addressed…, what better way, than to make yourself look respectable, confident, and official part. Here will discuss the official office fashion of 2022. 


Office Fashion
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Black is a statement on its own… to me, it means ‘Don’t mess with me’ (wink, lol). Wearing a gown that brings out the confident part of your fashion style is the best. However, one thing that shouldn’t be tampered with is the patterns. Color, Shoes, Hairstyles and makeup need to be in sync so as to bring out the cool side of your style. Imagine, your first day of work… how would you want to dress?

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Not saying you need to look like an MMA fighter but I mean who wants to be seen as weak? Your style of dressing should bring out the fact that you know what you are doing. Being in the business world, or even in an industry, or whatever work you decide to do, should make you dress the part. No company wants its employees to dress like nothing. I know many people say, ‘I’m not dressing to impress’, Sure, you don’t need to impress anyone, but what about yourself. As the beautiful being, you are, you don’t need the unnecessary attention of people who don’t matter. So, your style of dressing should send the message you want.

Office Fashion black

‘Turtle necks’ or is it ‘To the neck’ are still fashionable as it can be worn with skirts(straight and flair), pantsuits, Jeans, or even as gowns. Being fashionable, comfortable, and stylish are some of the characteristics of Turtle necks especially for those who work under torturous Air conditioning like my workplace (phew, I am always so cold)

Office Fashion brown
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Pantsuits are my favorite kind of look in office fashion. It makes one look official, comfortable, and confident. Styled with the right top, shirt or jacket makes you stand out. However, color and tone must be taken into consideration. Understand color matching, so you won’t look like the rainbow snuffed in a bottle (lol, not an insult though).

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Simplicity is one of the best ways to be comfortable when you talk about office fashion. Although some companies do not allow sneakers as an official dress code, nowadays, it’s a trend. I could wear sneakers all week if I wanted to… A simple shirt and jeans, should not be denied.

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Okay, I couldn’t deny posting this. C’mon GUYS, who don’t want to look like a CEO. Yeah, I know some works, involve manual labor but let’s just take a minute to think about those in the office… Being Fashionable simply means, ‘looking good’.

Now, who doesn’t want to look good? Let’s hear your thought’s in the comment section and don’t forget to share and like.

Later, Fashionistas…

By Oluwatoyosi Oludare

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