The Most Stylish Activewear Brands Exclusively for Men

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Finding stylish and functional activewear brands clothing and gear for the gym is a tough task. This makes it difficult to maintain your self-confidence during exercise as you feel uncomfortable in cheap, or ill-designed sportswear.

Well, here are my top 5 picks of activewear brands that will make any man with style proud of owning their products.


Workout gear is not something that I would usually pay much attention to, but this Adidas training hoodie is one of the most stylish pieces of workout apparel I have seen. First off it’s made with “clothes-like fabric” so you can go to the gym or just hang out in it without looking like you are heading to the gym (even though there is nothing wrong with that).  With this hoodie from Adidas Performance, it won’t even feel like you’re working out because it is so warm & comfortable.

2. Nike Air Joggers


When I exercise, I want to be able to do it comfortably and in style. I’m not into the baggy clothes that other guys wear when they workout because if you get too hot and move too much (like we always do during exercise), your pants will fall off which is no doubt embarrassing. So naturally, I look for clothing that will give me the comfortability of wearing track pants but still looks like athletic gear. We all know that Nike is a HUGE name in the footwear and sports apparel industry. They’ve given us countless innovations to choose from, but today we’re focusing specifically on their Air Track pants.

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3. PUMA EXO-ADAPT Men’s Long Training Leggings

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 Punching, kicking, and jogging your way into a healthier lifestyle? You’ve probably found that the best running pants are made of sweat-wicking fabric. So if you need a pair of durable, comfy & stylish fitness wear for both WOD (CrossFit workout), yoga, and running – PUMA EXOADAPT training leggings are what I can recommend.

4. Lululemon Tank Tops Metal Vent Tech Sleeveless



When I am out on a trail run, hiking, or doing anything outside for more than 20 mins I start losing my energy. Some of the days it’s so hot that you have no choice but to take off your top layer and tank tops are so much comfortable in this weather. It’s also important to wear something light when running as it helps reduce fatigue by not weighing you down with heavy clothing. the metal vent tech is the greatest thing ever. The material is so lightweight you don’t feel like there’s anything on your body at all plus it doesn’t hold sweat or odor which makes this a great workout top that won’t

 Lululemon offers a wide range of excellent quality products for those who like Lulu as much as I do.


 There are many running jackets you can get but if you want to look good instead of looking professional, go with aloyoga. This brand has fashionable designs for running which I believe every man would love to wear while exercising or engaging in their favorite sport.

By Mohamed Sayed

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