The Most Memorable Celebrity Fashion Moments at Wimbledon 2023

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Wimbledon, one of the most prestigious tennis tournaments in the world, not only attracts sports enthusiasts but also a host of celebrities. Every year, famous faces from the entertainment industry grace the stands, showcasing their impeccable fashion sense. The 2023 edition of Wimbledon was no different, with Elle Fanning, Princess Kate, Orlando Bloom, Katy Perry, and many others making stylish appearances at the All-England Club. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the best celebrity fashion moments from Wimbledon 2023.

Celebrity Fashion Moments 1. Elle Fanning: Effortlessly Chic in All-White

Elle Fanning, known for her elegant and sophisticated style, looked stunning in an all-white ensemble. She effortlessly combined a classic trench coat with a white outfit, exuding timeless charm. Completing her look with a Loewe bracelet bag, Elle Fanning set a new standard for tennis-watching fashion.

Celebrity Fashion Moments 1. Elle Fanning
Elle Fanning at Wimbledon

Celebrity Fashion Moments 2. Princess Kate: Embracing ’80s Fashion

Catherine, Princess of Wales, opted for a bold ’80s-inspired look during her visit to Wimbledon. She wore a mint green, double-breasted blazer from Balmain, paired with a pleated maxi skirt. The princess added a touch of glamour with a gold Sézane cuff and completed her ensemble with Gianvito Rossi pumps. Her all-white accessories perfectly complemented her stylish outfit.

Celebrity Fashion Moments 2. Princess Kate
Princess Kate at Wimbledon

Celebrity Fashion Moments 3. Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry: Couple Goals

Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry made a fashionable statement as a couple at Wimbledon. Bloom donned a navy blue checked suit jacket, while Perry embraced a retro aesthetic with an off-the-shoulder, long-sleeved top and a polka dot neckerchief. Their coordinated outfits showcased their unique personalities while demonstrating their unity as a couple.

Celebrity Fashion Moments 3. Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry
Orlando Bloom and Katy Perry at Wimbledon

Celebrity Fashion Moments 4. David Beckham: Timeless Elegance

David Beckham, the renowned former footballer, epitomized timeless elegance at Wimbledon. He wore a dapper tan suit jacket paired with off-white slacks, exuding sophistication and style. Accompanied by his mother, Sandra, Beckham proved that his fashion sense extends beyond the football field.

Celebrity Fashion Moments 4. David Beckham
David Beckham at Wimbledon

Celebrity Fashion Moments 5. Leslie Mann, Iris Apatow, and Judd Apatow: Family Style

Leslie Mann, Iris Apatow, and Judd Apatow brought a touch of family style to Wimbledon. Leslie and Judd coordinated their outfits with both opting for shades of blue. Leslie wore a stunning blue and white floral Prada dress from the spring/summer 2022 collection, while Judd sported a light blue checked jacket. Their daughter, Iris, looked adorable in a black and white polka dot drop waist dress from Miu Miu.

Celebrity Fashion Moments 5. Leslie Mann, Iris Apatow, and Judd Apatow
Leslie Mann, Iris Apatow, and Judd Apatow at Wimbledon

6. Elizabeth McGovern: Cool and Comfortable

Elizabeth McGovern, known for her role in “Downton Abbey,” showcased her cool and comfortable style at Wimbledon. She opted for a white three-piece suit with a dark blue button-down underneath, striking a perfect balance between casual and chic.

Elizabeth McGovern
Elizabeth McGovern at Wimbledon

7. Arsema Thomas: Stylish and Sophisticated

Arsema Thomas, star of the TV series “PIMM’s, Queen Charlotte,” impressed with her stylish and sophisticated attire. She combined a loosely buttoned top with a black satin skirt and wedge heels, creating a fashionable daytime look that exuded confidence and charm.

Arsema Thomas
Arsema Thomas at Wimbledon

8. Shanina Shaik: Adding Edge to Canadian Tuxedo

Shanina Shaik, the Australian model, brought a touch of edginess to her Wimbledon outfit. She paired her Canadian tuxedo with a sheer brown top underneath, creating a unique and bold ensemble that perfectly showcased her personal style.

Shanina Shaik
Shanina Shaik at Wimbledon

Wimbledon 2023 showcased not only world-class tennis but also the impeccable fashion sense of celebrities attending the tournament. From Elle Fanning’s timeless elegance to Princess Kate’s ’80s-inspired look, each celebrity brought their unique style to the stands. The fashion moments at Wimbledon served as a reminder that this prestigious event is not just about the game but also an opportunity for stars to shine in the sartorial spotlight.


Q1: Can spectators wear colors other than white at Wimbledon?

Yes, unlike the players who adhere to the all-white dress code, spectators at Wimbledon have the freedom to wear colorful outfits.

Q2: Who is the most fashionable celebrity at Wimbledon 2023?


Fashion is subjective, and different celebrities bring their unique style to the event. However, Elle Fanning and Princess Kate were widely regarded as fashion icons at Wimbledon 2023.

Q3: Are the celebrities’ outfits available for purchase?

Many of the outfits worn by celebrities at Wimbledon are from renowned fashion brands. Some of these brands may offer similar styles for purchase.

Q4: What is the significance of Wimbledon in the fashion world?

Wimbledon serves as a platform for celebrities to showcase their fashion sense and set new trends. The event has a long-standing association with timeless elegance and sophisticated attire.

Q5: Are there any fashion rules for attending Wimbledon?

While there is no strict dress code for spectators, it is recommended to dress in a smart and respectful manner. Avoiding sportswear and opting for elegant outfits is generally preferred.


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