The Men’s Fashion Trends For Spring/Summer 2023 That You Should Know.

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Following fads is not something we would suggest. In fact, we take satisfaction in acting in the very opposite way. But it is worthwhile to pay attention to what’s happening in the frequently perplexing world of fashion if you want to add a little freshness to your wardrobe or spice up your go-to pieces.

This isn’t a list of transient, fleeting fashion trends. Instead, we’ve chosen to concentrate on contemporary works that will undoubtedly become classics in the future. These are the things that are now in a style that we would personally wear; they are simple to work into your current wardrobe and will look great for years to come.

Spring/Summer Fashion Trends to Watch

Button-Through Polo Shirts


Men's Fashion Trends polo

Polo shirts are a great summertime alternative. Polos are simple to wear and go well with shorts, chinos, and pretty much anything else you throw at them. They come in a variety of styles, from the traditional pique, tennis-inspired form to current open-collar variations.

However, button-through polos are in this season. Button-through polos are perfect for dressing up weekend wear or playing down tailoring, giving a touch of the Riviera to your suit. They are slightly dressier thanks to a placket that mimics a traditional shirt.

Utility Vests


Men's Fashion Trends vest

The workwear trend has been popular for a while and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. The issue is that heavy-duty combat pants, chore jackets, and flannel shirts generally perform better in the autumn and winter.

Wide-Legged Shorts


Men's Fashion Trends shorts

Who enjoys wearing shorts? Not Fendi, Zegna, or the numerous other avant-garde high-fashion houses, that is. Not if their most recent performances are any indication. Longer, wider shorts are making a comeback this season, reflecting a larger trend that has been permeating many aspects of menswear for some time.

Assuring that the length is perfect is essential to doing it right. Aim for a few inches over the top of the kneecap, and choose tailored cuts that go well with both casual and more formal attire.


Technical Sandals


Fashion Trends

Technical sandals appear to be here to stay, going along with hiking gear and the emergence of the gorpcore fashion movement. These frequently have rubber bottoms and waterproof nylon straps that velcro around the foot for a secure fit, making them a more practical option to leather sandals.

They’re more adaptable than you may imagine, making them perfect for sitting around on the weekend, going to the beach, or taking long hikes.

Tablecloth Shirts


The tablecloth shirt is a relatively new trend that we can’t get enough of. These classy patterned shirts are everything we want to wear this summer because they are either made from or inspired by vintage tablecloths. The tablecloth shirt is a statement in and of itself, typically including a white base with an exquisitely hand-stitched, vibrant pattern.

Washed Denim


Although dark or raw denim is a true menswear staple, it becomes unusable in hot weather. Fortunately, the issue has a fix for this season. It is more relaxed, a few shades lighter, and goes with practically everything. Mid-wash denim was featured heavily in the spring/summer menswear designs, and it appears that it might be sticking around this time.

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