The Iconic Style Of Mamamoo

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Mamamoo is my ultimate favorite K-pop female group. Apart from their undisputed talent, their style is no less. In today’s blog, we’ll be looking at each member’s iconic style.


Out of all members, I believe that Hwasa has the most unique, peculiar yet innovative style. She seems to love denim, leather, and leopard print clothing a lot. She has often been judged in the early parts of her career because it was believed that she did not have the idol image and was often criticized for having hips and not being skinny enough. This is something that I have always disagreed with. Contrastingly, I believe that Hwasa’s shape is perfect and it suits all her outfits well and her iconic style. All her looks are bold, fierce, and strong just like her personality.

hwasa mamamoo outfits



Solar whose real name is Kim Yong-sun, is the leader of Mamamoo. Her style is very diverse. Sometimes she wears a lot of colorful pieces, other times she wears a lot of black outfits. She also wears a lot of crop tops, Knee-high boots, pants, and baggy outfits. Her style is a great mix between “girly-girl” and “tomboy”.

solar mamamoo outfits



Wheein is probably the most underrated member of Mamamoo. However, I really like her style. She wears a lot of different layers and multi-colors. Her style is very tomboy-ish, edgy, classic, and chic.

Mamamoo 87 Wheein mamamoo outfits



Moonbyul is probably the most unappreciated member of Mamamoo. She is the main rapper of the group and is often overlooked both in talent and style. However, I believe she has made significant contributions to the group and her style is just as great as the other members.

Mamamoo 78 Mamamoo 56 Mamamoo 34 Mamamoo 12


All in all, each member has their own unique style and I believe that Mamamoo is one of the most powerful K-pop groups that exist. Apart from their combined vocal range, talent, and powerful stage presence, they sure know how to dress!

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Written by Alejandra Mora.

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