The History of Moon Boots: How They Became a Winter Fashion Staple

lady wearing Moon Boots
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Moon boots are commonly known as snow boots or in other language, apres ski boots. They are a very popular fashion staple for decades now, especially during the winter days. Why do people love moon boots? This and other fascinating questions will be dealt with towards the conclusion of this blog post. Not known to many, moon boots have got a very fascinating history that dates back to the 60s.

Who created the original moon boots?

After very conclusive research, we have found out that the original moon boots were created by an Italian company known as Tecnica. The boots were designed as functional boots for the then astronauts and they were to wear them during the famous Apollo 11 Mission in 1969. The first kind of such boots were made of nylon fabric. Additionally, they had a rubber sole and were designed in such a way as to be very lightweight and comfortable.

black moon boots........................Moon Boots history

How did the moon boots become so popular:

With the successful landing of Apollo II, the boots became very popular with skiers and other winter sports enthusiasts. The mother company Tecnica saw a business opportunity and began the large-scale production of the boots that quickly became a popular winter fashion trend.

Which celebrities have rocked in the Moon boots?

In the 70s and the 80s, the moon boots became very famous with many celebrities rocking them. They include the likes of Farrah Fawcett, Cher, and the famous Elton John.

lady wearing Moon Boots

Moon boots fall out of Fashion:

Every company has its ups and downs. In the 1990s, the moon boots fell out of fashion and the company struggled to remain afloat.

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Moon boots comeback in the Fashion Industry:

The company, after strategic planning and key investments made a huge comeback in the early 2000s and has been a very popular winter staple since then. Today, the company boasts many types of moon boots such as the Faux fur trim, bold color types, and glitter accents.

Why are the Moon Boots so popular?

This is one of the most asked questions on the internet. One of the key reasons for the enduring popularity of moon boots is their practicality. They can be worn in the snow and cold to provide excellent insulation as well as traction. The fact that they are waterproof, have cushioned soles, and are lightweight is a top addition.

The boots are also known to be highly versatile and hence can easily slip through a wide range of outfits, from casual to winter coats and more.



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