The History and Evolution of High Heels for Men in the Fashion Industry

man wearing high heels High Heels for Men
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High Heels for Men may come as a surprise to you, right? It’s quite a surprise to all of us, including those with plenty of years in the industry. For many years now, high heels have been a fashion statement, although they are commonly associated with women’s fashion. However, history has it that men too have been wearing high heels. This exclusive article will look into the evolution of high heels for men in the fashion industry.

The Early Years: High heels for men:

You are probably wondering about the origin of high heels. For your information, high heels were first worn by men in the 10th Century by Persian soldiers. So it had to be soldiers? The soldiers wore them for practical reasons such as keeping their feet in stirrups while riding horses.

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With time, the trend spread from Persia to Europe. In the continent, high heels were seen by many as a symbol of status and wealth among their men. For instance, in the 17th century, French king Louis XIV made popular the use of high heels. He made them appear as a symbol of power, hence wearing them to elevate his height and assert his authority.

man wearing high heels High Heels for Men

Why Men Declined Using high heels in the 18th Century:

When it came to the 18th century, things seem to have taken a different turn as the men shifted away from using high heels. The heels were no longer seen as a symbol of power and status. Instead, many preferred to use boots. As a matter of fact, high heels were seen as effeminate, and wearing them attracted ridicule.

What a comeback:

In the late 20th century, the High Heels for Men made a comeback in the fashion industry, facilitated by musicians such as Prince and David Bowie. Additionally, designers such as Jean-Paul played a key role in the resurrection of the high heels.

 High Heels for Men

High Heels for Men: Today:

In the modern era, high heels for men are known as lifts or rather elevated shoes. They are regarded as classy outfits and are designed to improve the posture of a man as well as add confidence. They are now popular among men of all ages.

High Heels for Men: What the future holds:

In the future, experts have agreed that high heels for men are likely to continue evolving in the fashion industry. As more men become comfortable wearing them, the sales will definitely increase.


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