The Gorgeous Options for Wedding Flowers


There are so many gorgeous options for wedding flowers that the hard part may be narrowing it down to the choice of bouquet! Do you want a nose or a cascade? Orchid or Daisy? small or big? To help you make your choice easier, learn how to choose the right wedding flowers for any taste or style.

If you consider your bouquet as an accessory to your bridal gown, this can help you choose the best option. For example, if you’re planning on wearing a classic silk gown with a pearl necklace, it’s safe to say that you’ll love a classic bouffant, too.

A round nose of a pink or white rose

A round nose of a pink or white rose would be beautiful with a gown of that style, such as a nice arrangement of tulips for a spring wedding. Keep the shape of the bouquet well defined and the flower embellishments to a minimum.


Some stephanotis with pearl centers in between roses would be a wonderful complement to your pearl necklace. Tie a stem with a pretty ribbon in a bow, and you’ll have the exquisitely classically elegant bouquet.

What about a bride with a more earthy flavor? A bouquet featuring flowers that look very natural in a casual arrangement would be a better choice than a formal arrangement of very “perfect” flowers.

A loose hand-tied bouquet of wildflowers

Try a loose hand-tied bouquet of wildflowers tied with raffia for an outdoor ceremony. Or make something unique by adding lots of berries, vines, and dried pods. Combine natural elements with flowers in a cool yellow, like simple moms for autumn weddings.


Aim for arrangements that allow flowers and other objects to move slightly; A tightly packed bouquet may not be earthy enough. Brides can also consider choosing eco-friendly or organic flowers for their clay bouquets.

Grooms who love drama and sparkle will love the spectacular cascade bouquet style. Design your cascade bouquet with impressive flowers like orchids in an all-white or pink, purple, and orange range. When designing an extensive bouquet, try to keep proportion in mind.

Tall brides emphasize the sweeping effect with streaming trails of orchid petals and crystals hanging from the bouquet. A little girl may want to measure the length of her cascade down to a more minor tear to prevent excessive flowering in her frame.


Romantic Flowers For Romantic Wedding

When romantic is your favorite word to describe your wedding, choose a mixed bridal bouquet in soft colors like lavender or pink. The gentle crescent shape will display romantic flowers beautifully. Old-fashioned flowers such as fringed sweet peas combine wonderfully with bridesmaids, spray roses, and hydrangeas to create an ultra-feminine bouquet.

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An interesting option is a modern version of a romantic bouquet made of pink and black anemones. Tie the stem in a crisscrossing design with pink and black satin ribbon and accent the ribbon with pearl-tip pins to coordinate with a pearl bridal necklace. Very romantic, yet fresh and up-to-date.


There are many other great bouquet options for brides that will have a wide variety of tastes. Arts and Crafts Brides will also enjoy handmade paper flowers or small-looking flowers.

Ultra-modern brides can opt for fall flowers all over and carry a minimal spray of bear grass tied to a giant satin bow. Create a stunning architectural bouquet by twisting bear grass like a cage around a bunch of flowers. When your bridal bouquet matches your wedding gown and your taste, your entire look will flaunt beautifully.

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