The Flat Crop Top Tummy

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Read on, for my tips on how you can successfully achieve a flat crop top tummy, without having to adopt strict gym and diet schedules. Although you have been trying for years, to get that tummy down for the sexy crop top that you have been longing to wear, don’t give up, it’s achievable.

Many women seem to have a hard time getting their tummy down and keeping it down, but do not lose hope. There are many ways and traditional methods, that one can adopt to accomplish a flat stomach, tummy, or belly.

You may find numerous blogs and articles online with advice on getting a flat tummy. There are exercises and workout and diet plans that many women follow to the schedule. It is subjective to each woman, the choice or option that they may adopt. For some, the exercises and techniques are important, to others, yoga poses, while to some, their diet. Having considered all and comparing it to my own simple and non-routine experience and lifestyle, I decided to do this blog.

I happen to have my own unique experience and observations about the flat tummy. My lifestyle does not constitute strict schedules, gym, or exercise regimes. I do not have a diet plan or follow any daily monitored diet restrictions. However, I have been fortunate to be one of the people who, without input or much effort, has naturally managed to maintain a flat stomach and feminine-looking abs. So what did I do or what do I do? Read on.


Observe Bloating

My particular eating habits and traditional lifestyle have their contribution. I never had a nutritionist, but there are foods I like and dislike. There are foods I eat often and foods I choose not to eat, because it’s easy to determine the foods that affect me. This is also easy for you, if you are observant and aware on purpose. 

Over the years I have mastered observing the way my tummy and skin respond to what I eat and drink. I eventually developed a preference for the foods and drinks that were positively affecting my mood, digestion, and skin. How did I know? I paid close attention to myself and the response that my body generated, every time I ate certain things. For instance, it’s easy to notice bloating, especially when eating or having eaten beans and other foods. It’s easy to notice how fast or slow, your digestion reacts to having eaten something and also easy to notice how certain foods or drinks affect your mood and skin.

Foods will react differently to everyone, so for example, although eating eggs may cause patches on my skin, it’s not an allergy but it’s a reaction. They eventually go away. When I don’t eat eggs, I don’t get those patches. When I consume beans, I bloat, a lot of us do, however, it eventually goes away. But certain beans have a longer-lasting impact, whereas other beans tend to cause less reaction. We all may bloat to a larger extent or lesser extent. It’s all about monitoring and observing.

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Avoiding foods that bloat you easily cannot always be done when trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle and diet plan, because nutritional properties are derived from some foods that bloat. So it’s best to monitor and observe, in order to manage those foods in a way that will be feasible to you, such as not having them, if you want to wear the crop top, that day.

Internal Cleansing or Detoxification 

Taking an internal cleanout or cleansing is the first step to achieving a flat tummy. Traditionally, this is known as a purge or colon cleanse. Simply detox. It may and should include a worm out or de-worming. Adults tend to skip these steps and other important practices in maintaining a healthy body or internal environment. There may be disagreements from health experts in this case, but, cleansing your system every 3 to 6 months is not adverse. It will benefit and give an overall feeling of relief and vibrancy. This can be done by choosing to use laxatives but it’s best to use herbal remedies that are anti-parasitic and those that offer mild overnight relief to the bowels. Bananas and raisins or prunes should be added to the diet daily if you are one of those who follow the strict diet plans and do not necessarily take purges or cleanouts.

Paw paw seeds can also be added, to assist the colon. If you are someone who adheres to OTC remedies, a tisane will be a good daily recommendation to adopt.

Having turmeric and ginger teas also assist. Using citrus juices and less ice-cold water is beneficial. Drinking lemon water in the mornings is a good practice to adopt and using honey with warm water also helps.

Keep Active

For the gym and exercise enthusiasts, this is like second nature, but for those of us who do not or sometimes do, only for the sake of it, keeping fit is important and not necessarily a rule of thumb, but should be incorporated, in order to achieve the flat tummy and overall well-being. However, in my experience, I did not have to practice yoga, or maintain a routine exercise schedule, to remain active or keep fit. If you are into abs and abdominal building routines, maintain it for the specific look you want, but for the feminine tummy that is less muscular but flat, 3 times a week is sufficient for planks, leg raises and twists. The treadmill or home gym should be utilized if you were or are an exercise and gym fanatic.

Here are some ideas and tips that work well for me:

1. Walking around often. It doesn’t have to be complicated, it could be leisurely and anywhere for no reason, just remain active. Don’t sit too long and don’t lay down or sleep after eating. Find an excuse to walk. If you already jog or run, that’s something to continue.


2. Hula Hooping and skipping are exciting and childlike fun. It’s also a great way to maintain a flat tummy. Get yourself one and try it. You are never too old to skip or hula hoop. I did a lot of it as a child and still do it all the time. Have fun!

3. Dance. Yes just dance at any opportunity and for any reason. Just hear music and move to it. Move your waist, bend, stretch, and sway. I dance in the living room, kitchen, and even when I’m sitting. Trust me it goes a long way and is beneficial to maintaining tone and the Flat ‘Crop Top’ Tummy

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