The Fashion of Hair Colour

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Everyone knows that hair dying or hair colour is one of the most loving trends that are in vogue these days. and everyone loves to dying their hair to look trendy and good. According to me, there are two reasons for people coloured their hair. First is – hair dying is in trendy these days. The Second is – because of this trend. People look good or consider themselves beautiful which is not a bad thing.

Hair dying is a very popular trend in South Korea. Everyone knows that South Korea is a fashion country in everything wether it is the fashion of clothes or the fashion of jewellery and everything fashion or connected with fashion.

South Korea that country which is known for its fashion and hair dying is one of them. And when we talk about South Korea, the first name came to mind is BTS.

BTS is known for their works and making things in trend and hair dying is one of the most popular trending fashions.

So here we have some pictures of BTS with their hair colours. Have a look at it.

1) RapMonster (RM)

hair colour RM 1
hair colour RM 2
hair colour RM 3

Here are RM’s pics, the leader of the group. He did BLOND, GRAY and PURPLE colours in his hair and which looks so good on him and he looks so attractive with these combined colours.


2) Kim Seokjin (JIN)

hair colour Jin 1

Here are Jin’s pics. The older member of the group and in these pictures, Jin did BROWN, BLACK, and PURPLE colour in his hair and he also looks so handsome and attractive in all these hair colours.

3) Jung Hosoek (J-hope)

hair colour j-hope 1

These are J-hopes pictures, J-hope is known for his dance because J-hope is a very good dancer in his group and we can see J-hope’s hair colours which are BLOND, GOLDEN, YELLOW, PINK and BLOND  with BLACK colours which are suits on him and shows his beauty.

4) Kim Teahyung (V)

hair colour v

These are Teahyung’s pictures who is the most handsome guy in this world. V has the first rank in the ten most handsome guys list and he did BLUE, GRAY and BLOND hair colour in his hair which made him more handsome.

5) Min Yoongi (Suga)

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You can see these pictures of Suga who is the most savage person in his group and in these pictures, Suga did BROWN, PURPLE and GRAY-BLACK colour in his hair which Suga look so handsome.

6) Park Jimin (Jimin)

These are Jimin’s pictures, he is the sweetest member of his group and he did GRAY, PINK. And the most popular and trending hair colour is RAINBOW, in which he looks like so cute, lovely and handsome guy.

7) Jeon Jungkook (Jungkook)

These are Jungkook’s pictures. Jungkook is the youngest member of his group and he did PURPLE, BLUE and GREEN colours in his hair which absolutely make him attractive and handsome.


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By Pavitra karnwal

Photos from Google

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