The Do’s and Don’ts when wearing a pant less Outfit: Commando

commando pantless dress

Commando outfits are fast gaining track, especially among young youths and teenagers who just want to put on any type of outfit and go pantless. For those who are not familiar with the technical terms in this blog post, commando is a situation where the outfit doesn’t require you to wear any type of underwear.

According to renowned health experts and gynecologists, it is recommended once in a while for ladies to go commando. This means that it is healthy for you to move around in a pantless outfit. As a matter of fact, the doctors advice you to be going commando once in a while. This will in turn give your body some breathing room as well as prevent yeast and bacteria infections. Here are the do’s and don’ts when going commando:

1. Don’t worry about body discharges when going commando:

A number of ladies are afraid of commando outfits, the main reason being the body discharges from the female private parts. Many ladies are afraid of corroding their outfits with discharges when doing a commando outfit. However, body discharges should not be a limitation as there are a number of adhesive patches in the market that can keep your vaginal area safe when doing commando.

2. Do think of a thong Instead of going Commando:

Thongs are more or fewer alternatives to going commando. If you are not the type of lady used to huge panties, you can think of having a number of thongs to cover your private parts, especially when you are having a number of body discharges.

commando pantless dress

3. Avoid washing Your clothes with toxic detergents prior to going commando:

Understanding the fact that commando will have your private parts exposed to your clothing is the beginning point. This means that you must ensure your clothing is not exposed to any toxic detergents that can cause harm to your private parts as they will be more or less glued to your clothing.

pantless commando celebrities

4. Make sure you use your Common sense;

Going commando doesn’t seem easy as you think. It will require you to use your basic common sense. There are certain times when going commando doesn’t seem to make sense. Honestly, how do you go commando when you are having a heavy flow? It will leave you very embarrassed as you need an extra layer of protection to keep you very comfortable.



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