The Dos and Don’ts of Applying Cat Eye Lashes

how to do cat eye lashes
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Cat eye lashes can instantly elevate your makeup look from zero to a hundred within seconds. They have the ability to provide a very glamorous and alluring touch to your eye as well as your entire outfit. Whether you are a beginner or a renown seasoned enthusiast, mastering the art of makeup could be very tricky. Applying cat eye lashes requires hours of experience and practice. Be sure to be attentive to details. In this exclusive blog, I have thought of sharing with you the dos and don’ts of applying cat eye lashes to ensure that you achieve stunning results every time you are doing your makeup. Take a look:

1. Choose the right lashes for yourself: cat eye lashes

Be sure to opt for the eye lashes that will create a cat effect in you. The eye lashes should be longer and have more dramatic corners so as it mimics the shape of the cat’s eyes. Be sure to select lashes that will generally compliment you to the level of intensity you require.

2. Prepare your natural lashes in the correct way:

Before putting your cat eye lashes in place, ensure that your natural lashes are very clean and dry, free from any residue. Comb them gently and apply a thin layer of mascara to provide a solid base.

how to do cat eye lashes

3. Trim the lashes to ensure a smart fit:

By measuring the cat lashes against your natural lashes, trim the new lashes accordingly, ensuring that the lashes fit your eye shape perfectly to achieve a very comfortable application.

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4. Apply a high-quality lash adhesive: cat eye lashes

Be sure to invest your finances I n a very reliable lash adhesive that will offer a strong hold without irritating you in any way. Apply the adhesive and wait for some seconds for it to become very tacky. This will inturn secure your lashes.

5. Use of lash applicator or rather tweezers; cat eye lashes

The use of a lash applicator ensures that you apply the cat eye lashes precisely. Gently hold your lashes close to the band and start by attaching them outer corner first then begin moving your way inward.


1. Don’t use too much adhesive.

2. Don’t rush while applying your cat eye lashes.

3. Be sure to skip applying mascara before applying lashes.

4. Don’t pull or tug. Be very gentle when removing your cat eye lashes.


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