What are the Top 10 different types of T-shirt manufacturers in the world?

T-shirt manufacturers

If you are planning to start the T-shirt business, check this article for all the t-shirt manufacturers’ lists worldwide. If you are planning to start the T-shirt business, don’t miss out on these recommendations from the biggest t-shirt manufacturers worldwide. They have given what is top on the list as per them. Also, several private label t-shirt manufacturers or companies give wholesale t-shirt prices.

The T-shirt wholesalers can be the best option if one thinks of T-shirts in bulk quantities. Good or premium quality of T-shirts depends on the good quality materials used and also the T-shirts manufacturers. The designs of T-shirts are completely dependent on fashion and trends. Just as with time, one has different choices regarding the taste in food or songs; the same is the case with fashion styles. Different trends arouse in different clothing styles, be it Indian or Western.

Here are some top 10 T-shirt manufacturers from across the world which can amaze you and make you feel like buying a t-shirt right now.

1. Apparel Empire

apparel empire T-shirt manufacturers

Phot Credit Apparel Empire

Apparel Empire is an apparel T-shirt manufacturer that provides fully customised clothes such as T-shirts. It brings customisation to the next level, where all detailing of the apparel can be customised. It is where the clients can customise their design, cutting, colour, logo, fabric, accessories, and any part of the apparel. It uses good technology to make the T-shirts waterproof and fireproof by using UPF resistance technology.

Apparel Empire expanded its apparel customisation service in 2015 to include headgear and pants. In 2018, it had the resources to manufacture unique apparel like kidswear, animal especially pets wear, industrial uniforms, and even matching accessories such as a vest, pins, and scarves.

2. Gag Wears

Gag Wears gained a different and good reputation in the T-shirt manufacturing sectors, intending to position the firm as the top market leader in this segment. As the leading sportswear manufacturer, quality is the company’s priority, and they have never compromised on it since Gag Wears employs some of the high-quality inspectors in this industry. Before sending the items to their customers, they test quality control. They have spacious and large workshops where they have basically placed all of the proper gear necessary for faultless manufacturing.


3. Ress

RESS is a Polish corporate, advertising, and formal apparel manufacturer. It has been there in the clothing line for so long. Also, this company currently deals in producing T-shirts and polo shirts made of 50% cotton and 50% polyester. It includes Women’s T-shirts, aprons, jackets, business blouses, fleece, etc. Ress stitches all the items in their sewing room, giving them all the control over the complete production process, from design to delivery. It is made in Poland. They utilize premium quality knitted materials and fabrics. They promote their products to any firm via their logos and want their employees to wear customized garments.

4. A.M. Custom Clothing

A.M. Custom Clothing is a  brand specializes in producing quality embroidered and printed clothing for T-shirts, uniforms and formal wear. Offering retail service & making sure about honest communication to build trusting relationships long-term with clients. The company is primarily a sublimation printing professional, specializing in all-over t-shirts and vests. They can print on one or both sides of a t-shirt.

Additionally, cutting-edge technology ensures no large white spaces or barriers under the arms that are common in sublimation printing. Custom Clothing was developed to help those who create clothing worn on a daily basis for work. As a result of their proactive approach and unique methods, they can quickly respond to clients’ needs, which also ensures that operating with them can be as easy as possible.

5. Rainbow touches Garment Co.

Rainbow touches Garment Co is an apparel industry as well as a trade export firm. It specialises in the production of sportswear, streetwear, and men’s and women’s fashion with more than of experience in the industry. Established in 2013, the firm primarily produces and distributes men’s and women’s apparel, particularly T-shirts. Internal and external training, people-oriented, future orientation and integrity management, are the company’s corporate strategies. Furthermore, It achieved good growth in terms of revenue and sales in the year 2016.

6. Only Tee

Only Tee has been the most reputed wholesale t-shirt manufacturer in the worldwide apparel business, standing out as the developer of distinctive patterns and logos. Asserting their position as the best t-shirt manufacturer, they guarantee that the most exquisitely produced bulk shirts are delivered with care and commitment to the customer’s door. They continuously update their inventory with trendy clothing materials, which are created following the most fashionable highlights and stylish trends. They consistently guarantee to pamper bulk purchasers with the most fantastic t-shirts with proper customer care to keep the highest standards in sync with the worldwide apparel market.

7. Casablanca Apparels Pvt. Ltd.

Casablanca is known for manufacturing supreme quality t-shirts at affordable or wholesale prices. Its head office is situated in Mumbai. Apart from making national trade, it has good international connections. They offer t-shirts in unique colours for both men’s and women’s styles with various size options which start from Small and end to 5 XL. As per the clients’ choice, they have a distributor network which operates in major cities of India, such as Bangalore, Delhi, Tirupur, Indore, Cochin, Jaipur, Ahmednagar, Goa, Hyderabad, Chennai, Nagpur, Ahmadabad, Nashik, Pune. It has made its name on all the lists of top T-shirt manufacturers in India.

8. Apliiq

Another famous custom t-shirt manufacturer with private labelling and branding options is Apliiq. It enables one to design one’s t-shirts using a free-of-cost mockup generator. They are print-on-demand partners with an experience of 12 years, they also offer premium printing a wide variety as per the demand. One can get stitching-based clothing, pocket tees, as well as white label items without any manufacturing tags. Coming to pattern variations, Apliiq offers v necks, short/long sleeves, tank tops, polo, flannel shirts and tie-dye shirts. They currently have two locations where they effectively manufacture all the t-shirts – Philadelphia and Los Angeles.


9. Custom Cat

Custom Cat is considered one of the top screen printing companies for buying and designing custom t-shirts. Custom Cat claims to provide a compatible price for all the business models. They have 20+ years of unrivalled experience and 20,000+ Shopify store partnerships This makes them your reliable print-on-demand company or partner. Custom Cat custom t-shirt manufacturers provide discounts on volume so one can easily get higher profits.

10. Selina Fashion PLC

selina fashion T-shirt manufacturers

Photo credit Selina Fashion

The company has been running a business for over a decade and is a private labelled clothing company that has its headquarters in Europe. The clothing manufacturing business highly specialises for Selina Fashion PLC, a lead manufacturer. All of its products and services are focused on providing extraordinary high quality.

Being a Full-service T-shirt manufacturer, it offers its clients a range of manufacturing services and a faster period to market as an integrated manufacturer that has just a single location. Their wide array of manufacturing support services includes screen printing on garments, sublimation printing on garments, washing and dyeing, custom labels and hangtags, and more. The company invests continuously in innovations and science to stay ahead of all the competition. Its dedication to hard work assures its success and client satisfaction.

T-Shirt Manufacturers In a Nutshell

So, these were the top listed T-shirt manufacturers globally, including the company of India, which indeed provides premium quality products to the ultimate consumers. One can see what suits them and their personality and pick the best one. What are you waiting for? Just go for it.

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