The Combination of Modern Beauty with a Traditional Look.

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The world of beauty is constantly evolving, with new trends and styles emerging all the time. However, there is also a timeless beauty – the beauty that has been passed down from generation to and that never goes out of style. Combining modern beauty with traditional looks can create a unique and stunning result. This combination can give you the best of both worlds – the freshness of modern trends and the elegance of traditional styles. In this article, we will explore the art of combining modern beauty with a traditional look and provide tips and ideas to help you achieve a harmonious balance between the two.

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The natural beauty of natural colors adds beauty to the outfit. The perfect combination of natural colors results in the growth of beauty. Green is the color that presents the freshness of the look. The extremely fresh color & is cool for the eyes. The look is a combination of modern as well as traditional.

The Drape of the fabric as well outfit is a perfect one. The model can carry the outfit with ease. They are brilliantly designed by the designer. The perfect harmony of natural colors. The costume is near the lehenga choli but in a completely new look. How it is designed is showing the artistic nature of the designer. The green color is used with reddish saffron with red, yellow, and yellowish green, the perfect colors to be used with green. The full sleeves add beauty to the outfit. The full-length lehenga with frills on it naturally looks so beautiful. The Pallu design is perfectly kept at full length. It can be used as one-sided as well as both-sided. Whenever wants it can be used on the head also. As the position of the pallu changes, the look gets modified accordingly.

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We can use the pallu as one-sided or both-sided. The pallu on the head looks more traditional. The frills are completely top to bottom of the lehenga. In this case, it’s very difficult to maintain the drape of the fabric according to the design. But, in this design, it is perfectly maintained. The circumference of the bottom is perfectly maintained. Not more. Not less. The Pallu color combination of green with reddish saffron is brilliantly matched up. The color of the edges is kept reddish saffron & the inside color is kept as green. Extremely brilliant in color combination.

Now, let’s see the upper outfit i.e. Choli. Very beautifully designed to showcase the beauty of the bustline. The full sleeves with the design of natural motifs on them are becoming so attractive.

The Yellowish, Yellowish green, Red, Saffron, Light Yellowish green at some places, Green, Small grass beautifully structured on a green background, Red Saffron round motifs, Small pearls, and round motifs in the shape of a top view of flowers. In the middle, the yellow color is surrounded by small glass pieces of diamond shape. It is surrounded by red petal shapes of flowers.

In between two red petals, small dark green pearls are there. The outline is covered with saffron petals shape. The space between round motifs is occupied with small light green grass-like structures along with small round flowers on them. In some places, five round-shaped yellow motifs are present. To enhance the beauty of the design, some small motifs with red saffron & yellow colors are introduced.


The pallu is designed in such a way that it’s a lightweight fabric & has a beautiful design on it. The design contains the middle area with a light green color with designs. On both sides of the middle area, the twill-structured zig-zag design is present. The selvage sides have a saffron color with zig-zag lines made with small yellow dots. The combination of red with green looks amazing. Due to the zig-zag design, it becomes very attractive. The Pallu is bigger & wide enough to be used with lehenga. The pallu can be used from either side or else it can be used completely covering the back. The gap between the blouse & lehenga is exposing the waist of the model partially which looks extremely appealing. The designer has controlled him/herself without losing the chance to expose the back & sleeves. Because of this the costume becomes so unique & presents itself in a very decent manner.

Let’s see the backside of the outfit. Beautifully designed with fully covered without having any chance of showing the backless & sleeveless structures. The full-back looks very beautiful. The full neck & shoulders are increasing the beauty of the outfit.

The lehenga is in the same type of design & colors. The lehenga looks in perfect shape with the required drape. The frills are arranged perfectly. The neckline of the blouse is broad enough, but it doesn’t expose the flesh of the model. There is a gap between the blouse & the lehenga which is partly covered with the pallu drawn from the lehenga. The lehenga is the full length which adds to the height of the model.

In full lehenga, the height of the model looks increased. The design motifs are the same in rows. Due to the frills, the combined effect is so attractive & beautiful. The circumference of the lehenga is one of the most important factors in designing the lehenga. Especially, at the bottom side of the costume, it must be wider & the drape of the fabric must be the perfect one. The little difference in the drape may collapse the complete design. So, care must be taken while choosing the fabric. While creating the frills, it must look beautiful with creating the top to bottom frills. On the bottom side, it becomes wider. The model is carrying the lehenga with ease. It’s just because of the perfect design. The distance between the choli & lehenga is kept open. Somebody can expose the navel which will look so hot by adjusting the height of the lehenga. The waistline looks so appealing as gets exposed in a very authentic manner. The navel exposure can add glamour to the outfit.

Let’s see the hairstyle & beautiful accessories for the outfit. The hairstyle plays a very prominent role in any costume. It must suit the outfit. The straight hairs kept open at the backside & beautifully designed at the front side look stunning. The hairs beautifully left on the ears & on the upper area of the cheeks add to the beauty of the model.

The designer has controlled him/herself without losing the chance to expose the back & open sleeves.

Because of this the costume becomes so unique & presents itself in a very decent & different manner.


The hairstyle suits the costume in a very good manner.

Accessories – The Earrings – Big earrings in a superb structure are occupied with small golden as well as small green pearls.

The earrings’ shape is wider at the bottom & narrower at the top. It is hanging naturally. The rings are extremely beautiful with a greenish color & small pearls & diamonds on them.

The Bangles pairs look so beautiful. Two narrow bangles with a middle wider copper design with big triangular structures on it.

It looks so beautiful & matching up with the colors of the costume. Extremely traditional look.

Finally, a beautiful design by the designer with cool to eyes natural colors with beautifully structured designs along with beautiful hairstyles & beautiful accessories. Extremely beautiful.

Photo credit Pitnerest

By Prasad

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