The Colors I Do Not Dare To Wear

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Every color is beautiful and each has a meaning and significance. If you’ve read some of the previous articles that I wrote, I have mentioned that I’m more on basic colors like white, black, gray, and navy blue. I do wear other colors as well but not as often as wearing basic colors of my choice. The reason is I live in a tropical country and most of the time it is very sunny. And I feel like wearing very colored clothes will add extra heat to the body which makes you feel uncomfortable. We don’t want to have a sweaty body, right?

Before we get started I just want you to know that this article is my personal choice and I know I am not the only one who would agree on this. Here are a few colors that I like but I do not dare to wear.


I love the combo color of violet and lilac. It feels so cool wearing these colors. I don’t know why I did not dare to wear a color like this. I could just wear a lilac short paired with a violet tank top. But I guess the reason why I don’t have this color in my closet is that we use violet color as a ribbon on the casket or coffin. It’s a tradition that we are used to ever since when someone died in the family we put a violet ribbon with the family’s name on it and put it in the casket and remove it before you buried the body. I did not mean to creep you out but yeah! I grew up with that weird tradition. But I want to try wearing a violet color. I think that would be a change of look for me. 



The next color is Fushia Pink. I have mentioned that Barbie is my childhood inspiration in fashion and I guess that is the reason why I feel bored in this color but pink is such an empowering color. Especially that this color signifies to our dear friends who fight cancer. I respect them and I have a deep understanding of the color. It’s just that, I don’t feel like wearing a pink color. I think it is so bright to my natural skin tone. But I do consider wearing a baby pink color.


Neon colors like yellow-green, orange, pink and bright yellow are some of the colors that I do not dare to wear. I feel like if I wear this color under the bright sun I will look like I’m glowing and in the background, there’s music “Walking In Sunshine”, lol! But models and other girls who wear neon colors are so cute to watch especially on the runway.

Colors are one way of expressing how and what we feel. It doesn’t mean I don’t wear those colors I hate them, I’m still open to the idea of wearing them in the future. Remember girls, we dress to express and not to impress. Fashion is all about choosing the style of outfit and color you want. The opinion of others doesn’t matter because we have a different style as well as a color choice of the outfit.

Photo credit to the owner in Pinterest.

By Belle Willow

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