The Centre of Attention

The focus of your image can be the detail that makes the difference . A well-chosen center of interest will create a stylish, elegant, neat and safe image. At the same time, an overloaded outfit will create a careless and vulgar image in the eyes of others, and it will make you feel not very comfortable.

What is the centre of attention?

The center of interest represents the part or area, which you will emphasize when you put together your outfit, more precisely the point that will attract all eyes. You can choose to emphasize the part of the body that benefits you, to stand out through color, hairstyle and makeup or to limit yourself to accessories.

How do we choose the focus point for our outfit?

Some basic rules would be:


► to fit in the style of your outfit or to be in accordance with the dress code for the event you participate in, both in terms of size, but also in terms of texture, color and style

►to take the outfit out of monotony, but not to make it embarrassing, the simpler your outfit, the more subtle the point of attraction will be.

► to beautify the outfit, not to make it uglier

► should be well centered, in one single area

How many “centers” of attention can we have in our outfit?

Well, as the name suggests, only one. Indeed, it can be smaller, larger, more subtle or more extravagant depending on the style and occasion where you will wear the outfit.


At the office we end up with a watch or a pair of small earrings. With an evening dress we can wear a pearl necklace, a large hair accessory or a pair of extravagant shoes , and for an everyday outfit we can focus on prints, strong colors and extraordinary accessories.

If you do not want a center of attention in your image and you prefer a simpler outfit, it can be represented by the color of lipstick, manicure or hair.

The center of interest of clothing has an important role not only in the external image, but also for our interior state of mind. If you do not feel good with yourself, you may have a tendency to compensate on the outside and exaggerate, and if you neglect your own person, you may notice this through a careless and personalityless outfit.


According to some psychological principles, more precisely the Gestalt principle of similarity and the Gestalt principle of focusing, the elements with similar characteristics are unconsciously associated and perceived as a whole, and the accentuated or different elements from the rest catch our attention immediately. Our mind, out of the need to get out of habit, is attracted to unusually, and our attention will immediately turn to the first element out of the ordinary.

Therefore, the center of interest can be the signature of your personal clothing style, as well as of your personality .

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