The cap, A Fashion Essential

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When we talk about cult accessories, we talk about hats, Capelines, berets, fedoras, and beanies. Nowadays, the cap is no longer just reserved for men because women are wearing more and more of them.

Thus, the cap has become a new trendy accessory after the wide-brimmed hat and the straw hat. The cap is everywhere in the world: in street style, on fashion shows, and even on stars such as Kendall Jenner and Cara Delevingne.

The story of the cap

The cap was previously an accessory of the work uniform. The cap was later worn by the military and later turned into a kepi.

Athletes adapt it to play outdoors. In addition, the cap protects our heads from the sun’s rays.

The sport in which the cap is displayed the most in baseball. The supporters wear it to affirm their belonging to such and such a team as in the various universities and student fraternities.

What are the different types of caps?


There are different shapes of stylish and easy-to-wear caps including :

The baseball cap


The baseball cap

Newsboy cap


Newsboy cap

The sailor’s cap


The sailor's cap

The military cap


The military cap

The English cap


english cap

Why is the cap fashion going to last?

Often considered too masculine or too sporty, the cap has established itself in the fashion sphere. Today, it seduces fashionistas thanks to its very trendy streetwear side.

The cap has often been considered too masculine or too sporty. It has taken a very important place in the fashion world because today it has become very trendy because of its streetwear side.

The cap is very seen on the biggest fashion shows. Karl Lagerfeld accessorized his models with large, colorful, and printed caps for the Chanel Spring-Summer 2016 collection.

Summer Dresses

Which proves that the cap is indeed trendy.


In short, the cap has today taken a very important place in the world of fashion and has subsequently become very trendy because of its streetwear side.

The military began by wearing caps before they began to wear kepi. The cap protects men against the sun’s rays.

In addition, athletes wear caps to play at sporting events. Caps are displayed more in baseball sporting events.

The supporters wear the caps to assume their membership of such or such team as one sees some in the various universities and the student fraternities.

She is also present in the biggest fashion shows.

By Lonesky Dumax

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