The Best Trending Fashionable Muslim Hijab Styles 2022 summer

For some Muslim women today, wearing a hijab can be a religious act – a way of demonstrating their submission to God. The Quran instructs both men and women to observe modesty in their dress and behavior which is why Hijab holds a special position in dressing women in the Muslim caste. Being a good year of faith and more blessing I have prepared for you the best trending fashionable Muslim Hijab styles for the 2022 summer. let’s take a look at various Hijab styles that are in fashion and the most trending ones.

1. Sports Hijab

It is a kind of hijab that has a small length than the usual ones and this came to the market because the Muslim sportswomen make their playing easy. The goodness of this Hijab is that it is stretchable material that fits on the head properly.

2. Black Hijab

It is just a black Hijab that can be worn on all types of clothes as it matches all outfits. It is easy to wear and has different styles through which it can be tied.


3. Floral Hijab

This Hijab has a floral print on it that is the flowers and a different color pattern that makes it look beautiful, illustrated in the Muslim Hijab.

4. Shimmer Hijab

This Hijab has a glitter sprinkled on it that gives a decent look as it can go with western outfits.

5. Animal Print Hijab

The new Muslim Hijab style has an animal print on it and is mostly worn on western outfits giving it a different and more beautiful look than the usual ones. The goodness of this Hijab is that it has come with different patterns and colors on it.


6. Red Hijab Style

The Red Hijab style Matches almost all outfits. The best example is that of a beautiful girl wearing a Burqa, a veil covering the whole body that matches the black veil.

7. Colourful  Hijab Style

colorful hijab
This colorful hijab gives good looks to your outfits

This type of Hijab is just different from others because it has a different color and it may be floral with a flower or some other floral prints on it and it best matches your outfits giving you a different look.

These are the best six Hijab styles that you won’t want to miss. Thank you for reading this article like, share and comment, and don’t forget to reach me at or Whatsapp me on +254708055224.




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