The Best Fashion Street Style Trends From LFW Spring 2022


The Best Street Style Trends From Lagos Fashion Week Spring 2022.

Fashion is all about being stylish, with clothes that are in-style and brand new. Fashion is also about being up-to-date with what’s happening in the world. This means you have to keep up with fashion trends and styles, not just within your city or country, but internationally. If you’re looking for some global inspiration, then the Lagos Fashion Week Spring 2022 runway show was a great place to be!

The runway show featured designers from Nigeria and abroad. The show featured a diverse range of styles, showcasing African culture through modern designs. So if you want to know how to look your best on the red carpet without breaking the bank this season, read on for more style tips!



Lagos Fashion Week (LFW)

Lagos Fashion Week is the biggest fashion show for African designers, which was held from November 9th-11th. Held every two years, the event draws a range of styles and designers. Celebrities were in attendance from the UK, Africa, America, and around the world.

Lagos Fashion Week runway Show

So if you want to know what you can wear this spring, and how to wear it, look no further. The runway show featured designers from Nigeria and around the world, who brought their creativity and creativity to the runway. Some of the styles shown included smart power dressing, African print, street style, and more. The evening fashion show took place at the Federal Palace Hotel, Victoria Island, Lagos, on February 8, 2019.

Style Tips That Show Off Your Personality

Whether you’re trying to go for the red-carpet look or just to stand out from the crowd, make sure you follow these tips.


What’s great about this trend is that it works for every personality. No one will be able to guess your true style if you’re wearing an accessory they’ve never seen before. This is a great way to bring some personality to an otherwise bland look.

For example, if you’re attending a fancy event, such as the Grammys or the Oscars, don’t wear a classic black tuxedo jacket. Instead, go for a velvet blazer with a flash of gold, or a fun shiny sequin jacket!

Hair trends can be rather big, and make sure yours fits in well with the rest of the crowd. To stand out, make sure your hair and makeup complement your outfit.


Street style trends from LFW

If you follow street style, then you already know that the rise of Nigerian street style is a global fashion trend that’s taking over the world. While international styles are starting to mix with Nigerian styles, it’s important to remember that Nigerian style is all about African style.

It shouldn’t be misunderstood by international or European styles. The Nigerian fashion trends will not work for you if you don’t have a deep understanding of what Africa’s culture is all about.

Nigeria’s fashion trends can be tough for other cultures to understand. Because Nigeria is so culturally diverse, it’s common for designers to be inspired by one aspect of the Nigerian culture and use it in their designs.


How to get the look?

Brands such as Maki Oh, Busola Bagge, and Waje Oyinbo are familiar names in Nigerian fashion. All these brands have been doing the African style scene proud for years and are still going strong.

The Lagos Fashion Week runway show 2019 featured designers from both Nigerian and foreign brands, so it’s a great idea to take a look at the style diaries of these designers, to get some hints on how to incorporate these looks into your wardrobe.

Three of the designers that are well-known for creating sharp looks on the runway included The Style Council, Uche Chezugoh, and Big Shell. These designers work to achieve beautiful, creative designs that speak to the African culture. The strong, military-inspired, designs combine African influences with a more West-European look.


The Importance of Keeping Up with International Fashion Trends

The Internet is where we shop for clothes today, and fashion companies all over the world are embracing new trends and styles, creating collections that reflect the trends of the world’s most trendy cities. Nigerian designers are showcasing their work at all the fashion shows in Lagos this year, and this Fashion Week was no different.

To keep up with fashion trends, we should be looking at the designers we like and the clothes we like. Go through their collections and get inspired by what you see! Take fashion trends that you like, like boxy bags, maxi skirts, and floral tops, and add some unique details to them. If you want to look like you’re on the cutting edge of fashion, you should take inspiration from local designers as well.




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