The Best Fashion Prints New Menswear Styles of March 2022

The season has finally warmed up with fashion prints, which means it’s time to start dressing like hers. That doesn’t mean you should go commando to the park or anything, but with the end of winter comes bolder colors and more daring fashion pants, from striking stripes to high-contrast houndstooth and even kitschy graphics. – It’s time to live massively! Find out the most remarkable new styles right here at The Drops.

Fresh Colors

You can tell a lot about what’s trending in menswear by checking out GQ’s Big Vibes—and today, we’re going to look at everything else. Not only are fabulous new colors (lime, teal), but also new fashion prints (micro houndstooth, plaid) and textures (weaves) included. See all of our Big Vibe colors here. And see a few more ways to put those colors together with our print-and-color combination feature. (See Big Vibes white pin-dot above.) For even more spring style inspiration, don’t miss: Good Looks for Men How to Dress Now Spring Style Guide 2013 9 Shoe Trends of Spring 2013. The game hasn’t changed: Pair a bold color like orange or blue with an accent color like red or green.

Daring Fashion Prints

Fashion prints are having a major moment at the moment. Brands like John Elliot, Midnight Studios, and Our Legacy have further enhanced their collections with some daring prints. They require more care than your average solid shirt—but when done properly, they offer an unbeatable chance to stand out in the crowd (in a good way). Just keep in mind that while these new additions are worth a look, your entire wardrobe doesn’t have to be made up of them. Try not to have more than two or three statement pieces in one outfit: If you do it right, it will make you look good as hell. But stick to just one, and you’re likely to end up looking like a walking candy cane.

Big Vibes

Spring is here, and all its vibes. Because for all you on-trend dressers out there, we know you don’t look good until you feel good. That’s why for our first installment at Big Vibes, we’re dedicating ourselves to big clothes that fit big frames. long lines. Bold fashion print. Keeping the athletic build in mind the pieces won’t be easy to find, but these are steps in the (right) direction. And with some major fits from some serious brands, you can start the new season off to a great start. Plus, it gives us a new excuse to look stylish during fall—we mean winter—which isn’t bad at all.
If you prefer your slimmer style, find five varsity jackets below that range from casual streetwear to high fashion, for both seasons as well as sports coats and corduroy pants! These will provide breathable warmth without sacrificing style. Many are lightweight and ideal for travel as well, making them a perfect choice for a seasonal change. Notable Brands: Saturday NYC (Streetwear), Carhartt WIP (Functional Wear), Dries Van Noten (Fashion Forward) Blazer – Corduroy Pants – Sports Coat

Top-Shelf Glass

The most-hyped, least-played sunglasses. Tired of that basic Wayfarer look? What about wayfarers with wild kaleidoscope lenses? Or polarizers that dazzle in every direction? They’re all here—including classic lines reissued in new colors and daring fashion prints. Plus: hot new watches from Kenneth Cole and a luxury North Face backpack (in camo or marine blue). The gear you need for a complete men’s makeover.

Beach Coat

This season’s boldest fashion prints and freshest colors are infusing new life into spring suits and tees, but they require a certain breed to wear well. Be a good cat in these daring fashion prints (and fresh colors) with the help of our favorite daring dudes. Click here for more information.

Awning-Stripe Bucket

Tom Ford is synonymous with loud, over-the-top Daring  Fashion Prints, and nowhere was that more apparent than his Spring 2013 collection. The Awning Stripe Bucket is simple, versatile, and can be worn with almost anything—from chinos to shorts—and worn in any setting.
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