The Best Air Jordans Of All Time: Risk-Taking, History-Making, And Riot-Starting

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Ever since Michael Jordan sported that first pair of Nike sneakers back in 1984, playing for the Chicago Bulls and just starting to get people’s attention as basketball’s next big star, Jordans have been capturing the imagination of sneaker wearers around the world. No other shoe has the same cult-like status and global following. Lets look at the best jordans of all time 

Perhaps you’re a total b-ball nerd who’s watched and re-watched every memorable Michael Jordan moment out there. Or maybe everything you know about MJ comes from Netflix’s The Last Dance. Either way, you’ll be aware that (a) the man plays basketball like no one else on Earth and (b) he takes footwear seriously.

Today, there are 35 different Air Jordan models available, not counting countless colorways, collaborations, limited editions, and retro Jordans. From 90s street style staples and on-court speed-optimized kicks to high-fashion collabs, there are Jordans out there for every mood, taste, and event.

We love our Oliver Cabell sneakers for their affordable minimalist style and our Koio sneakers for their timeless Italian craftsmanship. But for pure charisma, sporting legacy, and championship cool, the ball is firmly in the Jordans’ court.

We’ve put together a list of what can be considered the most iconic, popular, innovative, high-performing, and generally best Jordans of all time by release dates. These are the luxury sneakers that have made the footwear line the runaway success it is today. The Jordans that get people excited about Jordans. The Michael Jordan shoes have basically defined sneakers as we know them in the 21st century.


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