The average wedding is an elaborate, expensive high-pitched extravaganza

In a country where the average wedding is an elaborate, expensive high-pitched extravaganza, and where the televised marriages of Bollywood stars set global yardsticks for grandeur, it’s easy to think that’s just how it has to be. But two young Delhiites are showing a new way.

Fashion: ‘Cos small weddings are beautiful

One of the many things I love about my job is that it often takes me to interesting places. Recently, I was in Goa for a wedding. It was beautiful, and so were its surroundings. The ceremony was held on a boat, and we sailed through the river Mandovi while it took place as the sun set in front of us. It was small but very personal and intimate; everyone knew each other closely, which made the celebration all the more warm and enjoyable.

I’m not a huge fan of big weddings because they tend to feel very impersonal — you don’t get to interact with the people you came for because there are too many guests and too much going on. Having been to plenty of them in my life, I realised that small weddings are my thing: they have a different charm altogether. You can actually see who’s who, mingle with people, eat food at your own pace and just relax rather than rush around trying to meet everyone in five minutes flat.

That said, small weddings mean fewer events — so you can’t recycle outfits as many times as you would at a big wedding! The other day I was wondering what I would wear for one if I had to attend one this month —

What do you think of small weddings?

I really want to have a small wedding. You know, like the ones where only your family and closest friends are invited. I’m not sure about eloping or having a destination wedding, but it seems like it would be so much less stressful and more fun to have a small wedding. What do you think?

What do you think about the new small wedding trend?

I don’t know who needs to hear this but if you’re getting married, you don’t have to have a big wedding. You don’t have to invite all your coworkers or that one person from high school who won’t stop commenting on your Facebook posts. You can do it at City Hall in sweats and no makeup and it’s just as valid as a $50,000 day with catered food and an open bar.

The bigger the wedding, the more money, time, effort, and stress involved. I made the mistake of inviting my entire office (and some others) to my wedding when I was 29 years old and didn’t really know myself yet. I also thought that having lots of people there would distract from the fact that I was super self-conscious about my body and didn’t want to be the center of attention.

I regret it every day.


What was the funniest wedding you have ever been to?

The funniest wedding I have ever been to was at a barn in Vermont. It was so nice out that they had the ceremony outside, but it got really windy right as the bride was walking down the aisle and her veil blew off and went flying into the woods! After the ceremony, they had a big tent set up for dinner and dancing. They had just finished setting up the tables and chairs when a huge rainstorm came in. The storm brought hail with it, so they quickly covered all of the food and moved everyone into the barn to finish setting up. The DJ was playing music in there, so everyone got out on the dance floor. Right after a song ended – there was lightning and thunder, followed by another huge hail storm. We were all huddled inside this tiny barn laughing about how ridiculous this whole situation was.

How has your parent’s wedding influenced your perception on weddings and marriage?

I’m still a little girl, my mother is a beautiful bride. I remember that day, she wears white wedding dress, so beautiful, like a fairy tale princess. She took my hand and said to me: Dear, I am very happy to marry your father, we love each other, and finally can be together always, will you be happy? I nodded happily. So far, I still remember the picture of that day.

I always think that parents are my best teacher in life, they teach me how to take care of myself, teach me knowledge and let me know the world. They are also my best friends and lovers. They teach me the most important thing is to have love in their lives.

I have never seen such a loving couple as my parents, they respect each other and love each other. Nowadays many couples only pay attention to material life; they ignore spiritual life. There are more divorces happening because of this reason. I hope I can be as good as my parents when I grow up and get married someday.

What has your most memorable wedding been like?

My cousin got married right here in the city and I was invited. I have to say I was really impressed. The whole affair took place in a hotel. The hotel has some really nice rooms, so that was one thing I particularly liked. My cousin went for a black and white theme and the entire place looked absolutely stunning. They even had an open bar which was awesome!

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