The 5 Trendiest And Most Flattering Hairstyles For Fall 2023 — Keep These On Your Radar!

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As the lazy, sun-doused long periods of summer gradually disappear, many of us eagerly await the beginning of autumn with a growing sense of expectation. While considerations of pre-winter colors and cool, fresh air fill your brain, it is additionally an optimal chance to begin contemplating the perfect hairstyles for the upcoming season!

Luckily, I have compiled a list of 5 of the most pursued, chic hairstyles currently being flaunted by superstars on red carpets and across social media. Proficient hair specialists and experts give their tips, suggestions, and expert opinions to direct you toward a new fall look.

5 Popular Hairstyles To Look Out For In Fall 2023

1. Bixie

If you can’t choose a bob or pixie, I have good news. You don’t need to! A ‘bixie’ like Kristen Stewart’s is very in for fall and can be a very flattering and chic choice. There are components of the two styles to play with here in this social media favorite cut, and autumn is a great time to find what works for you.

“The bixie is a traditional bob hairstyle that is joined with a pixie,” she says. “The pleasant thing about a bixie is its versatility — besides the fact that you change the length and select to have it a little longer, there is no one way for doing it when it comes to the style. The cut is absolutely adjustable based on your preference.”

2. Birkin Bangs

Inspired by the late entertainer and style icon Jane Birkin, this sort of eyebrow-grazing, flirty, and timeless bang is as in as ever this fall. As seen above on Elizabeth Olsen, this flattering fringe can advance balance with regard to your facial features, and carry more attention to your eyes.

Bangs like these, Rivera says, “can also reduce the presence of fine or limp hair and can add aspect to a style.” She also brings up that they can make your hair “look more full” if you’re looking for a refresh.

3. Punky Pixie Hairstyles


Punky Pixie Hairstyles

If you’ve at any point considered going shorter, fall can be a great time for an epic hair change! Florence Pugh’s punky pixie is longer than a regular buzzcut, yet short and striking. Rivera notes that a pixie is a no-bomb hairstyle that can be intended to feature your cheekbones and bone design.


A seems as though this is especially trendy right now, Rivera says, as it is also entirely adaptable and can be made to work with your hair type and texture. Pixies like Pugh’s are “an incredible cut since you can go as edgy as you need with bunches of texture, or you can remain milder with a straighter look,” Rivera points out.

“Considering that this pixie is shorter in the back and sides leaves the freedom of anything goes on top; straight, regular, spiked, and so on! The pixie is also flawless because it can be super cute or incredibly sophisticated and always a classic in my eyes,” she continues.

4. Long Layers with Wispy Fringe Hairstyles


Long Layers with Wispy Fringe Hairstyles

Focus separated, curtain bangs have been trending online the entire year, and they aren’t going anyplace this fall! As Udoh notes, adding a wispy bang to long layers can give considerably greater development and interest if you’re exhausted of long hair or your ongoing style.

Camila Cabello’s fringe can be separated in the center, stuck back, or shifted aside, making a lot of choices for styling the entire season. “These bangs can be flattering for women of all ages since they make a feeling of volume and fullness around the face,” Udoh says.

“They also function admirably with a wide range of haircuts, making them a flexible decision for any lady,” she adds. “In my personal experience, curtain bangs can be styled in a wide range of ways to suit almost any face shape or hair type. This makes them a phenomenal choice for women who need to consistently change their look.”

5. Italian Bob Hairstyles


Italian Bob Hairstyles

If you’re searching for a hairstyle that can make your best features pop while providing your mane with an additional boost in volume and bob, look no further than the Italian bob cut. This style is inspired by Old Hollywood and is a ‘do that beautiful stars like Zendaya are currently opting for.

The Italian bob takes the traditional bob cut higher than ever with thick dull closures that make a breezy, voluminous look that is rarely heavy or bulky. It also has the right amount of length to take into consideration simple styling choices as it’s long enough to tie up but short enough to be worn as is.

Udoh says that a medium bob is “a stylish and slick choice for some events.”

She adds “a flexible cut looks perfect on almost any face shape and hair type.” The length can be “adjusted to complement your features and make an alluring outline,” she notes. “This always well known bob gives volume at the crown, with textured layers that frame the face nicely while still keeping a simple to-manage style,” Udoh explains.

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