The 5 Most Dangerous Fashion Trends

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Fashion is all about pushing boundaries, but sometimes designers go too far. From skirts that are too short to necklines that are too low, these 5 fashion trends can be dangerous, both physically and emotionally.

These 5 Dangerous Fashion Whether you’re a trendsetter or a fashion follower, it’s important to be aware of the risks before you take your style to the next level.

Dangerous Fashion 1. Extreme High Heels

Extreme high heels are one of the most dangerous fashion trends around. They can cause ankle sprains, calf strains, Achilles tendonitis, and even bone fractures. What’s more, they can make you look taller and leaner, but at what cost? The next time you’re tempted to buy a pair of sky-high heels, think about the pain and potential injuries you might be risking. There are other ways to lengthen your silhouette without putting your health at risk.

Dangerous Fashion 2. Crop Tops

Crop tops are one of the most dangerous fashion trends because they can easily show too much skin. While they may seem like a harmless summer staple, it’s easy to forget that they show a lot of stomachs, chests, and even bras. With just a little bit of movement, crop tops can easily become inappropriate and even embarrassing. If you’re going to wear one, be careful about how much skin you show and make sure to keep moving around. Otherwise, you might be flashing everyone before you know it.


Dangerous Fashion 3. Low-rise Jeans

In case you hadn’t heard, low-rise jeans are back in a big way. Celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid have been spott sporting the trendy style, and we’re predicting that they’ll only become more popular in the coming months. While they may seem like a harmless fashion trend, low-rise jeans can be quite dangerous. Here are just a few of the reasons why:

  • + They can cause back pain and other health problems.
  • + They can cause you to trip and fall.
  • + They can expose your skin to improper UV exposure.
  • + They can make you look unflattering and older.

If you’re still set on wearing low-rise jeans, we recommend taking a few safety precautions: make sure you wear a good pair of supportive shoes, be mindful of where you’re walking, and always use sunscreen when going out in the sun.

Dangerous Fashion 4. Bikinis

The bikini is one of the most dangerous items in a woman’s wardrobe. Not only does it often reveal more skin than is necessary, but it also puts a lot of pressure on women to have a perfect figure. Today, more and more women are embracing their natural curves, but the bikini remains a challenge for many. It’s important to feel confident in your skin, but it’s also important to be aware of the dangers that come with wearing a bikini. We should all feel comfortable wearing whatever we want, but we should also be aware of the risks involve in certain fashion trends.


5. Plunging Necklines

Plunging necklines have been a popular fashion trend for a few seasons now, and it doesn’t look like they’re going anywhere. While we love the look, we have to admit that there are some dangers associate with it. When done wrong, a plunging neckline can end up making you look more like a skanky schoolgirl than a sophisticated fashionista. The key is to find the right plunge for your body type and wear it with confidence. If you’re feeling daring, go for a deep V-neck or low-plunging style. Just make sure your bra is giving you the right amount of support and that the neckline isn’t too revealing. Our Nia Blouse is the perfect top for showing off your curves without feeling too expose.

While fashion can be a fun way to express yourself. It’s important to be aware of the dangers that come with some of the more risky trends. Wearing high heels that are too extreme, or crop tops and low-rise jeans. That shows too much skin can lead to dangerous health problems. Bikinis and plunging necklines can also make you more susceptible to sexual assault. So before you decide to wear any of these fashion trends, be sure to weigh the risks and benefits seriously.

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