The 10 Best Trendy Hairstyles In 2022

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Changing your hairstyle is one of the easiest ways to get a trendy makeover. Picking a hairstyle that is stylish and accentuates your facial features can transform you into a stunning diva. Sometimes trying a new hairstyle can be tricky. And if you want to experiment with your looks and sport a new hairdo, check out below for the 10 best trendy hairstyles in 2022.

best trendy hairstyles in 2022
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Table of contents

  • Bow bun hairstyle
  • French braid half-hairdo hairstyle
  • Pull-through braid hairstyle
  • Waterfall braid hairstyle
  • Flower petal updo hairstyle
  • Straight hairstyle
  • Half-up lace rose hairstyle
  • Dutch braided low bun
  • Side mini fishtail braid hairstyle
  • Dutch flower braid hairstyle

1. Bow bun hairstyle


best trendy hairstyles in 2022 1
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Going out for a dinner date, and you want to look different? Say cool and quirky with a bow bun hairstyle. This is an easy way to hairstyle to create a hairdo and is a great choice if you are heading out in a jiffy.

2. French braid half hairdo


best trendy hairstyles in 2022 2
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Just experiment with up-style on your short hair and look like a stunner! The French braid half hairdo is easy to make, and it is perfect for a night out with your sweetheart. 

3. Pull-through braid hairstyle 


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Most of you might consider braids to be a minimalist hairstyle. This style is a definite exception, and it is a bold style statement. Rock it if you want to turn heads. To create it, you can use tools like hair comp, hair ties, and hair spray. 

4. Waterfall braid hairstyle

best trendy hairstyles 4
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This style is a chic hairstyle that will make your loose hair look mesmerizing. Also, it looks less like a plait and more like a hair accessory. You may also style the rest of your hair into another braid and make a unique look. If you need to create it, then you’ll need hair tools like hair comps and hairpins.

5. Flower petal updo hairstyle

best trendy hairstyles 5
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This style can work perfectly for a bridesmaid. And you can match it on any occasion.

6. Straight hairstyle

best trendy hairstyles 6
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Flaunt this style at a party or a corporate event for a super look. You can brush back your straight hair, or you may ask for someone to do a front fringe if you wish to experiment more.

7. Half-up lace rose hairstyle

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If creative hairdos are your thing, try out the half-up lace hairstyle. Rock the festive hair will be tied up in the shape of a rose, while the rest of your tresses will stay loose.

8. Dutch braided low bun

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Go for this hairstyle if you want to look elegant without much effort. Make Dutch braids on two sections of your hair, before trying them into a loose bun that touches the nape of your neck. This hairstyle is perfect for formal events and any outing.

9. Side mini fishtail braid hairstyle

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There is no other braid that oozes glamour like this hairstyle. If you like braids, then you ought to try this one. You can create a mini-side fishtail and leave loose the rest of your mane. This hairstyle will work perfectly for casual as well as special occasions.

10. Dutch flower braid hairstyle

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There is no way you can avoid those admiring glances if you are rocking the Dutch flower braid hairstyle. It is essentially a Dutch braid put together in the shape of a flower. This elaborate and detailed hairstyle is ideal for weddings.

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