Thailand: Urassaya Sperbund 5 Makeup Look

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Thailand is one of the countries I dreamed of. I love the culture and the language. I watched a lot of Thai series and what I noticed is that they are always On-Trend when it comes to beauty. That is why I decided to write a blog about one of my Thai favorite artists, Urassaya Sperbund!

Looking at her beauty makes me wonder how great and perfect her looks are. Her outfits are always on point and on-trend. Her makeup looks, Well! even if she’s not wearing makeup she still looks like a Goddess!

Urassaya Sperbund: Rhinestone Simple Makeup



With this makeup look on, she looks so vibrant! A rhinestone makeup look sends a chill on a euphoria vibe with a little twist of Urassaya’s Charm and beauty. The shade of her eyeshadow matches well with her lipstick and I must say that’s effortlessly lit!

Urassaya Sperbund: Fierce Dark Makeup Look



Fierce Dark Makeup Look is a little bit edgy for her and she looks like a villain chillin on a day, lol! but it looks great on her or on anyone who wants to have this kind of makeup. It’s perfect for a night out or an evening party you attend. Dark lipsticks are a nice choice for a fierce look and it makes your lips plump.

Urassaya Sperbund: Fresh & Clean Makeup Look



Fresh & Clean makeup look? no worries! With a little touch of blush and lipstick, you’re ready to go! Just like Urassaya who brings freshness with this one. To add extra glamour, make sure to wear some pieces of jewelry and fix your hair neatly to give a highlight to the fresh and clean makeup look.

Urassaya Sperbund: Natural Makeup Look


The natural makeup look is perfect for a day out. It brings a chill and relaxing vibe. You can wear this look on a brunch date or just a walk in the park with your cute and chill outfit of the day!

Urassaya Sperbund: Feisty Makeup Look



Admit it, red lipstick can make you look like a feisty woman. Fierce, bold, and braver look, that’s what a red lipstick can do to us. And with a beautiful face like Urassaya, red lipstick is such a fire on her! It gives a different side of her that matches the boldness and eagerness in her eye.

Makeup will always be every girl’s partner in life. I hope you all get inspired by Urassaya Sperbund’s 5 Makeup Look as much as I do!

Photo credit to the respective owners. Thank you ❤

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