Thailand Star: Buanalinthip Fashion & Style


I’ve been watching a lot of movies and series from different countries which makes me decide to write a blog about them and their fashion and style. One of them is Thailand’s star Buanalinthip or Bua. I watched most of her TV series and I must say she is a good actress not to mention how good her taste in fashion is.

Here are a few outfits that I love from her and you might want to consider.

Buanalinthip: Lady Boss Style

Buanalinthip Lady Boss Style
Buanalinthip Lady Boss Style 2
Buanalinthip Lady Boss Style 3

If you watch her series or you follow her on Instagram you will know that she loves to wear a blazer or a coat. And whatever color she is wearing it perfectly looks good on her maybe because of her skin tone. A blazer or a coat is not just for business OOTD but you can wear it to a casual day as well just like Bua and you can do a lot of experiments with it. Like an oversized coat paired with short shorts and a tank top. Or perhaps a pair of trousers. Whichever your style is.

Buanalinthip: Paired Short Style

Buanalinthip Paired Short Style

Aside from a blazer or a coat she loves to wear a short as well or a jumpsuit perhaps. It’s very perfect and fashionable for her. With this kind of style, you can pair it with heels or flat sandals for a comfier look. And don’t forget to add jewelry for extra glam.

Buanalinthip: Printed Outfit Style

Buanalinthip Printed Outfit Style
Buanalinthip Printed Outfit Style 2
Buanalinthip Printed Outfit Style 3

And how cute she is wearing these printed outfits? It suits her very well. It shows how confident she is while wearing these outfits which match her aura. The vibe of a printed outfit gives happiness and productivity to the person wearing it. With this kind of outfit, you can wear a sneaker or loafers.

Bua: Playful Dress

Feeling like a lady on a summer? Bua has different playful ideas on a dress. Which one do you think looks perfect on you? I bet everything will look good on you! This dress brings a playful summer vibe that is perfect for our season now. A flat sandal will look good on this one as well as a cute bag that will match the whole look.

Bua: Denim Jeans on Style

Denim Jeans On Style is also one of Bua’s expertise when it comes to styling and yes she has a way of expressing herself just by wearing her comfort clothes. Just look at the different styles of denim jeans above and notice how expressive and creative she is. With denim jeans, you can wear whatever shoes you have because they will surely match the whole look, especially high-edge shoes and heels.


Photo credit: Pinterest. Thank you ❤

By Belle Willow

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