TAMBURINS Perfume Advertisement X Jennie Ruby Jane

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Firstly, have you guys saw Jennie in Tamburins Perfume Advertisements? This evening I was scrolling my Instagram and Jennie Ruby Jane posted some pictures of her on it. When I saw her picture I was like OMG! She is awesome. How beautifully she does her work in all advertisements! Her giant portrait makes me surprised.

jennie ruby jane tamburins perfume ad


Tamburins Perfume Advertisement

As Jennie is the hottest member of the famous music band “Black Pink”. It’s a Korean girl’s gang band that is formed by YG Entertainment. She sings as well as rape. Everyone loves the bond of all of them. They are the best friends gang ever.

 Doubtlessly, she is so talented. Also, she belongs to Korea and the beauty of Korean people is some next level. Do you guys know she is also a YouTube? Moreover, my love for her is because of these two reasons; Beauty and Talented Voice.

Tamburins 005


Further, she always remains busy doing some shootings. does promotions for many brands like Calvin Kelin, HERA Beauty, etc. This time she is promoting the brand TAMBURINS. She posted many pictures from this promo on her social media accounts and claimed that she has been working on it for a few months.

Tamburins 001
Tamburins Advertisement by Ruby Janne


Tamburins South Korean Cosmetic Brand

Although, TAMBURINS is a South Korean cosmetics brand. This brand describes its purpose as a brand that explores anomalous beauty. It represents innovative marketing techniques. It is a combo of experiential art and fashion elements. This month a new perfume is launched by it.

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Tamburins 003
Tamburins Perfume


With her dress and talented acting, she added charm to this advertisement. She acts like a boss lady. The official video is launched on the 23rd of September 2022. Jennie wrote this about her advertisement on Instagram;

So happy to share this with the world. It’s been a great journey with the Tamburins team for the past few months in detail. Thank you to everyone who participated.

Tamburins 002
Also, advertise Tamburins by Ruby.


This is the first picture of Jennie. She is looking outclass here. Her facial expression and make-up both are matching with her acting here. I like her scene of firing with a figure here. She also fights with a man in it like Kung Fu.

This picture is from TAMBURINS Perfume Campaign 2022. She is looking so gorgeous here. She is so slim and tall. I also want my body to be like hers. I’m also smart but not like her. This type of picture poses suits skinny bodies. I will also try this picture pose.

Ruby Janne Black Pink Member

Next, the picture is more attractive. Here she is shooting some pictures with perfume. 4 to 5 pictures of this look are also shared by her. All pictures of her are awesome. I like her dress too. It’s a very modern outfit. It’s an off-shoulder mini dress having full sleeves.

You've found the one, now I find the dress.
Tamburins 007
Perfume review


This picture is more magnified than the upper one. You guys can see perfume here more closely.

These all pictures are shared by her on her Instagram official account too. Here is here another picture with perfume.

Ruby Janne Beautiful Model

4 days ago on 27th September, there was the brand exhibition event. She also joined in this event. It was in the city of Seongdong-gu. She appeared in it in this look.

jennie tamburins perfume event


Moreover, it has been said that she become surprised by this event. The reason behind this is that she didn’t expect her portrait is going to be as much large. She became so happy after seeing it. I also feel this portrait is so big. But we all love our cutie, Jennie. This is a picture of our surprised girl.

In this article, I have tried to tell all detail about this whole advertisement and Jennie’s hard work and her skills.

By Dr. Rabia Syeda


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