Surfing Beyond Style: 7 Hottest Outfits by Bethany Hamilton

Bethany Hamilton sexy outfit
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Bethany Hamilton remains one of the strongest inspirations to the current generation. Despite losing her hand to a shark, she has risen to become one of the best in her career. The name Bethany Hamilton evokes images of being sun-skinned at some beach in Miami, riding by the waves in Africa, or walking by the sea in South Asia. She is a woman of multiple sides and is a testament that the human spirit has the ability to overcome a number of adversities. Despite losing her hand, she has redefined beauty and is now a queen in her own way. She lost her hand to a shack attack while surfing. Here are some of her hottest outfits!

1. The sexy wetsuit warrior!

Since Bethany Hamilton is always on the water, she definitely has sexy oceanic looks. It is not only protective gear but a form of fashion by the ocean. Her wetsuit is very sexy, as it’s made of bold and vibrant colors. The prints are very eye-catching, made of neon and other bright colors.

Bethany Hamilton sexy outfit

2. The business casual chic outfit:

Not known to many Bethany Hamilton is a businesswoman who has excelled beyond limits. She is a great advocate of disability awareness and is often spotted giving talks and attending events to inspire others with her story. Her business casual outfits involve sexy dresses, tailored silhouettes, and very neat trousers. These business casual outfits reveal her as being very confident and that disability should not limit one’s abilities.

Bethany Hamilton business casual outfit

3. Tropical, sexy vacation outfit:

Bethany Hamilton is a great lover of vacations, as she is often spotted dressed to the occasion. She definitely knows how to rock island-inspired styles. Upon checking her vacation wardrobe, several things stood up including breezy sundresses, sexy cover-ups, and playful patterns. She is definitely an island girl.

4. How about her winter outfits?

When the temperature drops, we must remain stylish too!  Bethany Hamilton’s wardrobe is as versatile as you could imagine. She opts or warm layers that will keep her warm. She often goes for bold colors.

5. Sexy red carpet fashion by Bethany Hamilton:

Every actress or internet personality must be well-equipped for the red carpet. On several occasions, Bethany Hamilton has graced the red carpet with her impeccable style. Her evening gowns are so sexy, as she goes for rich fabrics that reveal her curvaceous body. Her red carpet-dresses are always modern and sophisticated.

Bethany Hamilton sexy red carpet

6. How about leisure?

Since Bethany Hamilton is a great lover of sports, she has invested heavily in comfortable leggings, breathable tank tops, and very comfy sneakers.

7. Sexy beach:

Bethany Hamilton looks so sexy while walking barefoot on the beach. She wears a boho chic outfit and some surfer girl outfits.

Bethany Hamilton


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