19 Super Affordable Makeup Products To Start Off A Beginner

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This article will be pretty useful and helpful for all beginners in the makeup industry who are just getting started with makeup and looking for affordable makeup products.

Even I was unsure where to begin when it came to make-up. Where can I find affordable makeup products? Which affordable makeup products should I start with? What are some good makeup brands that aren’t too expensive? I’ve asked all of these questions. I’ll be honest, just as in the fashion industry, make-up can be a bit intimidating too because there are so many makeup products out there you may not know what to purchase. As a newbie, I or any makeup professional can tell you that you can confidently start and finish any stunning makeup look without spending too much money.

Personally, I believe that spending a lot of money on makeup products you’ll be learning how to apply when you’re just starting out with makeup is a bit impractical. Don’t get me wrong, some high-end products are definitely worth the expense, but you can set it aside as a beginner and go for affordable makeup products and work your way up.

Makeup is such an important part of my life, and I am so passionate about it that I never forget that I was once a beginner. It can be really overwhelming and believe me, I understand because I’ve been there before. As a result, I’ve decided to take it upon myself to help anyone who has developed an interest in makeup and is ready to begin by sharing a list of affordable makeup products you can add to your start-up kit.

All of the items in this list are from the same store/website, Miss A. I decided to focus not only on the affordable/budget-friendly aspect but also on items that are simple to use, of good quality, and can be used on a daily basis (i.e., products that can be utilized for more natural, neutral looks).

Affiliate link/s may be used in this post, which I may receive a commission from, at no extra cost to you.

Check out my blog on affordable skincare products as well. Without further ado, here is a list of affordable makeup products for you, my beginners.

Super Affordable Make-Up Products To Start Off A Beginner



A+ Tallash Mascara – $1.88


This product is believed to blend as well as give your natural eyelashes the lift they may require. It’s available in two colors: black and brown.


Wow! I did not think I was going to be like this because the wand looks so different. Boy, was I wrong! This is some of the BEST mascara I have used in a long time! I love this much more than the other mascaras that were recently launched (curl, volume, length). It does an amazing job coating and separating every lash. It also lifts, curls, and lengthens. Now if only we can get this mascara in a waterproof formula as well! It would be perfect!



affordable makeup products


AOA Sunday Afternoon Eyeshadow Quad.- $1 ea.

Before I go any further, I’d like to state that I’ve never had any issues with AOA products, thus this quad eyeshadow is one I can live for. Because of the various color options, these shadows may be used for any newbie starting out, ranging from a natural look to glam, and the pigment selection is excellent in these shadows.

  • Soft, easy colors for the perfect “Sunday Afternoon”
  • Buttery, creamy eyeshadow trios
  • perfect neutral colors
  • matte and shimmer finishes



You've found the one, now I find the dress.

These eye shadow palettes are ideal and perform as well as any of the higher-priced palettes. LOVE them!!

AOA Eyeshadow Trio-$1 ea.


  • Buttery, creamy eyeshadow trios
  • perfect neutral colors
  • matte and shimmer finishes

a2o lab 25-Color Pigment Palette- Moon Stone- $10

Create endless looks with the a2o lab Moon Stone Pressed Pigment Palette, a gorgeous set that includes a mix of modern, bright vintage colors made up of shimmers and mattes. Pigmented, buttery, and smooth.

  • Cruelty-Free
  • Paraben-Free
  • Net weight of each color: 1.3g/0.05oz

Can also try the Color My World Palette, Immersed, Self-Made, Violets Are Blue, Over The Rainbow


affordable makeup products


Paw Paw: 3D Faux Mink Lashes – Jackie 5-Pack- $7.55

As a beginner, you’ll probably want to add a little more to your look, and what better way to practice than with these lashes? It’s neither too extravagant nor too dramatic but more on the natural side. There are two other available styles to choose from which are Jean and Elidia being one of my personal favs.

These Paw Paw 3D Faux Mink Eyelashes are luxurious, soft, layered, and full and you get 5 pairs. They are vegan, cruelty-free, and made from synthetic fibers. The band is thicker, therefore can be reused multiple times with proper care and cleaning!

You've found the one, now I find the dress.




Starry Mineral Blush- $1 

Blush anyone? You might ignore blush as a finishing touch, but you shouldn’t since it can give you a radiance that bronzer and highlighter can’t match. With this low-cost alternative with 6 options to choose from, you can try blushing.

Elizabeths REVIEW

Nice color!

Applies nicely and wears well. It stays put and goes on nicely over the foundation.




AOA Dreamy Lipstick- $1 ea.

We all know how intimidating makeup can be, and when it comes to lipsticks, there are so many different shades to choose from that it can be difficult to figure out which one is right for you. But with these affordable lipsticks for just $1 each you can get all 7 shades if you so desire and not break your bank.

If you’re a lipstick fan, you’ll understand how amazing it is to add instant glam to one’s appearance. Even if you don’t feel like dressing up or applying makeup, putting on stylish lipstick can make you seem flawless.

This is a tutorial about a beaded necklace which is very delicate with beautiful colorful column shaped.Let's have a try!
  • Dreamy, Creamy Matte lipsticks
  • 7 skin tone flattering shades
  • Keeps lips soft and hydrated

You can also consider trying the AOA Studio Special Day Lip Crayons which are available in 8 lovely shades and cost $1 ea. as well.


  • The beautiful shade range of creamy lip crayons
  • Soft, buttery satin finish
  • Comes in 8 shades, get the Entire Collection and save 5%
  • Sharpen with a pencil sharpener

AOA Glazed Lip Gloss-$1

A high shine lip gloss with a doe-foot applicator. This long-wearing lip gloss is nourishing and perfect to use on its own or over your favorite lipstick.

Cyrstal: the must-have, basic clear

Moonshine: Clear base with holographic shimmer. Adds a beautiful shine to lips

Pink Balloon: Adds a slight hint of juicy pink color to lips

Red Candy: Adds a slight hint of healthy red to the lips




AOA Loose Pigment Powders- Fantasy Tones- $1 ea.

Another great affordable makeup product to add to your start-up kit. These stunning, sparkly loose pigments are a concentrated color powder that may be used for a wash of color or a more intense appearance!
These pigments give eyes, face, and body an iridescent metallic shine. They’re simple to work with and can be utilized wet or dry! To ensure long-lasting wear, use a primer before applying the makeup. Apply color with a flat brush and blend with a fluffy brush!

They also have the Cool Tones, as well as the Warm Tones available.



AOA Pencil Gel Eyeliner- $1

Filling in the brows is a breeze with this product. AOA Studio has created a creamy and long-lasting eyeliner pencil! For the most dramatic eyeliner, use black. Brown for a captivating rich color that isn’t too dark.





Duo Jumbo Eyeliner & Brow Pencil-$1

A jumbo duo-ended pencil that can be used for eyeliner or filling in your brows!



Starry Sun Glow Bronzer-$1


The goal of bronzer is to make the skin appear healthier. This implies you’re not aiming to get a false tan on your face; instead, you’re just trying to warm it up, which can be a good option for a beginner.

Starry Sun Glow Bronzer- this bronzer will help accomplish the sun glow that you get during the summer! Perfect to sweep across your forehead and jawline. And also great for bronzing your shoulders! The subtle shimmer adds the perfect Sun Glow!!


Quality is good.

I used this yesterday and thought it worked very well. Nice shimmer, and stayed on. Worth the dollar for sure




A+ Soft Base- Nude Eye Primer-$1.88

You definitely need your eyeshadow t stay put and show out so here is my recommendation for an affordable eye primer to add to your kit.

A+ Soft Base Eye Primer will help keep your eyeshadows vibrant and stay put all day long! The sheer nude color helps to even out the skin tone on the eyelids, and brighten them.

Beautiful gemstone beads and semi precious beads are the world's natural treasure and multitudinous in shapes and categories.




Paw Paw: AOA Glow Baby Liquid Highlighter- $1.55-$5.55

AOA Studio Glow Baby Liquid Illuminating Drops can be used all over the face and body for that GLOW or dewy finish. Apply to cheekbones, bridge of the nose, or chin with a small brush after your foundation. You can even mix a few drops with your liquid foundation for a glowy look.

A small amount goes a long way, so start with just a few drops first and then build your intensity. 5 colors you can purchase individually or as a set.

Colors included: Golden Dream, Golden Rose, After Glow, Morning Glow, Goddess




AOA Artista Fine Tip Liquid Eyeliner- $1

These are ideal for a newbie, the fine tip gives you more control when drawing your wing as well as there are great color options to try.

Available in classic black and brown and 3 gorgeous dark jewel tones to enhance your eye color.







Paw Paw: Prowear Foundation-$1.55

Imagine a foundation that costs $2, works well, comes in a variety of hues, and gives a flawless finish. There are Warm Tones, Dark Tones and Medium Tones.

This medium to full coverage foundation with a gorgeous semi-matte finish is the foundation of a beginner’s dreams! Available in 15 shades so everyone has a match! The shades correlate with our A+ Satin Foundation so you can find your shade. If you are in-between shades pick out one lighter and one darker and mix them together!


Excellent coverage

Lasts all day, doesn’t rust and keeps skin hydrated without being oily. I love it



Paw Paw: Liquid Concealer- $1.55

There are LightTones, Dark Tones, and Medium Tones.

Super creamy and medium to full coverage concealer. This concealer lasts all day without settling into fine lines.

Daily Haute - Stylish Suits for All Occasions
  • Use under eyes to concealer dark circles
  • Use in blemishes and dark spots
  • Use a lighter shade to brighten the forehead, nose, chin
  • Use a darker shade to contour the nose, cheekbones, outer area of the face






A+ No Pore Face Primer-$1.88

A+ No Pore Face primer is a smoothing and pore filling primer that will mattify your skin to create a perfect base for foundation! It helps control oil all day. Great for all skin types!

  • 20ml
  • All our products are cruelty-free — we do not test our products on animals



If you are indeed interested in these products listed simply search the names on the site.


Always be willing to explore new products even if they are affordable makeup products and never dismiss one without first giving it a chance. It’s also beneficial to do your homework as a beginner in the realm of makeup. I’m pleased I’m able to share this affordable makeup products list with you because these are some of the items I would have included in my starting kit. Oh, and there are additional fantastic products on the site that weren’t featured that you can buy as well.


Photo Credits: MISSA

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