Summer Skincare Routine

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In Summer due to excess loss of water from our body, we have to be more aware of our body and skin. If you want healthy and glowing skin in summer, eat food that nourishes your skin and try to avoid heavy foods. As we know everyone is quite busy nowadays, so we have watery foods in our meals to get the water needed by the body in an appropriate amount. In summer our skin becomes oily due to which we skip applying moisturizer on the face, but it’s bad for our skin as our skin wants moisture even in summer, It’s not about only for winter. Due to this mistake, our skin has to face many problems including breakouts, acne, and many more. Here is the skincare routine for summertime!

skincare routine


Summer Skincare Routine Cleanser
Due to the hot and humid climate in summer, our skin gets oily, and when it gets mixed with sweat, and forms breakouts and also leads to clogged pores. So, it’s important to use a cleanser that removes dirt deeply. If you have acne-prone skin, then you have to be extra careful.


Lightweight Moisturizer


Summer Skincare Routine Moisturizer
Unlike winter use Moisturizer in summer also. Don’t think skin wants moisture only in winter. In Summer we have to take extra care of our skin by using a lightweight Moisturizer. Don’t matter what your skin type use Moisturizer on a daily basis.

Use a good amount of Sunscreen

Summer Skincare Routine Sunscreen
People forget or just avoid applying sunscreen, which may cause many skin problems, without sunscreen, makeup is not complete. Sunscreen protects your skin from both UVA and UVB rays to keep your skin healthy and better. Make sure to apply sunscreen every three hours for maximum effectiveness.

Avoid heavy Makeup

Avoid heavy Makeup
In summer, try to avoid heavy makeup looks. Try to remain makeup-free as much as possible. Just apply a CC cream or lightweight foundation. If apply heavy foundation and products it can clog the pores and can trap dirt, oil, and other impurities. You can apply heavy makeup only on going to any wedding or any party at night and for a day party or wedding just go for minimal makeup with fewer makeup products.

Drink lots of Liquid

Drink lots of Liquid
In summer body get dehydrated faster, it is important to drink liquids and try to stay hydrated. Apart from drinking water try to drink juice instead of cold drinks. You can also drink lemon juice, green tea, etc. Including juice try to drink water as much as you can. Drink at least 2L water every day as per your body’s requirements. Our bodies don’t need an extra amount of water excessive amounts can cause harm to our bodies and also make us feel dizzy at the same time. At last, take care of yourself especially when your body feels different on any day.
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