Styles Of Shoes A Woman Should Have

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I have read a quote before that good shoes will lead you to a good destination and it’s true. If you are wearing good and comfy shoes you will be able to enjoy the place. Whenever I’m traveling or going somewhere my number one rule is ‘comfortability’ not just in my outfit but as well as my shoes. So here are the different styles of shoes a woman should have.

Stick Heels Style

Stick Heels Style
Stick Heels Style-2
Stick Heels Style-3

Loving this style of heels? I know Stick Heels can be painful sometimes, but hey ladies! This stick heel is good for events like birthday parties, prom, balls, etcetera. This is a perfect combo for a fitted dress or whatever you want to wear this stick heel is lit for it!

Wide Width Heels Style

Wide Width Heels Style
Wide Width Heels Style-2
Wide Width Heels Style-3

If I were to choose a heel, I will choose these wide-width heels. Unlike stick heels, these wide-width heels are comfier to wear and not bad for the legs. This style of heels is good for whenever you wear a midi dress or a long gown. And since it is wide width heels, you can balance it well even if you are running (just be careful though 😉)

Pointed Stiletto Shoe Style

Pointed Stiletto Shoes
Pointed Stiletto Shoes-2
Pointed Stiletto Shoes-3

I know Pointed Stiletto is so chic to wear but the same with the first one it’s very uncomfortable and painful in the leg too. Flashback story, 2 years ago I attended a party and I wore a stiletto with 6-inch heels and it kills me. 😂 From that moment, I never wear a stiletto with high inches again. 😂 I salute all the ladies who can ramp the street wearing a high inch stiletto.

Ankle Shoe-Heel Style

Ankle Shoe-Heel Style
Ankle Shoe-Heel Style-2
Ankle Shoe-Heel Style-3

This Ankle shoe heel style is somewhat like a Boot. This heel style is good for cold weather it will warm up your foot and it is very stylish as well. Though not all of them are comfy to wear.

Aesthetic Sneaker Style


How about this Aesthetic Sneaker style? I bet you would love it because this sneaker is very comfy though there are sneakers that are heavy on the feet so if you have a long day wherever you are and planning to wear a sneaker make sure to wear a comfy one. This sneaker is good for short shorts or a legging style of an outfit. A boyfriend’s jeans look great with them as well.

Running Sneakers Style


Who can resist a running sneaker? Just give me a good one and I can wear it all day. A running Sneaker is good for working out, running some errands like groceries, or dropping something in the neighborhood. It’s very comfy, I swear and you can pair it with a short, legging, and even jeans.


Flat Loafers Shoe Style


Among all the shoes a Flat Loafers Shoe is my favorite. You can pair it with whatever OOTD you want and it’s not bad in the leg because it’s flat and comfy. I have had a flat loafer for 7 years now and I’m still using it.

Shoes may be expensive but it’s a good investment and a good buy. I have been trying to collect shoes before but for some reason ai decided to stop and be practical. I always love the idea of having new shoes especially if it’s comfy to wear. How about you? Any idea of a shoe?

Photo credit to the owners. ❤

By Belle Willow

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