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The style in Nigeria plays a significant social job and contributes essentially to the country’s financial matters. Easygoing clothing is usually worn yet formal and conventional styles are likewise worn relying upon the event.

Clothing consolidates various tones, textures, and embellishments (frequently dots). Large numbers of the part societies of Nigeria wear styles that are remarkable to their ancestral society and customs. Nigeria is known not just for its trendy materials and pieces of clothing, yet in addition for its design creators who have progressively acquired global acknowledgment.

style in Nigeria

Nigerian apparel for the most part rotates around relaxed clothing due to the glow in areas of Nigeria. In any case, there is continuously conventional or formal clothing that changes at the event.

The accompanying non-comprehensive rundown incorporates not many of the conventional pieces of clothing which certain Nigerian

social classes will quite often wear. Agbada is a robe that is wide-sleeved worn by North and Western African men. Agbada was taken on by the Hausa individuals, yet might be known as darra’a (Maghrebi Arabic), Dagomba or Yoruba (Agbada), and mbubb ( Wolof).

Agbada is viewed as an article of proper clothing which is usually matched as a 3- piece set; an open-sewed full outfit, a long-sleeved shirt, and what’s more, Sokoto (pants that are thin along the lower leg). Gele is customarily a piece of clothing worn/folded over the head.

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The 1960s in style

In 10 years that broke numerous customs, took on new societies, and sent off another time of social developments, 1960s design had a free thinker however upscale, stylish contact. Around the center of the 60s decade, recent fads began to rise out of little towns and urban areas into metropolitan focuses, getting media exposure, impacting high fashion manifestations of tip-top fashioners and the mass-market clothing makers. Models incorporate the smaller than expected skirt, culottes, go boots, and more trial styles, on rare occasions seen in the city, for example, bent PVC dresses and other


PVC garments

Mary Quant promoted the not little skirt, and Jackie Kennedy presented the pillbox cap; both became very famous. Bogus eyelashes were worn by ladies all through the 1960s. Hairdos were different lengths furthermore, styles. Psychedelic prints, neon tones, and crisscrossed designs were in style. In the ahead of schedule to-mid 1960s, London “Pioneers” known as Mods affected male style in Britain.

Designers were delivering clothing more appropriate for youthful grown-ups, driving an expansion in interest and deals. In the last part of the 1960s, the hipster development likewise applied areas of strength for ladies’ clothing styles, including ringer base pants, tie-color, and batik textures, as well as paisley prints.

The mid-1960s (1960-1962)

High style

American styles in the early long periods of the ten years mirrored the style of the First Lady, Jacqueline Kennedy. Notwithstanding custom-made skirts, ladies wore stiletto heel shoes and suits with short square-shaped coats, and larger than average buttons. Straightforward, mathematical dresses, known as movements, were additionally in style. For nightwear, full-avoided evening outfits were worn; these frequently had low neck areas and tight midriffs.

For easygoing wear, capri pants were designed for ladies and young ladies.


The swimsuit, named after the atomic test site on Bikini Atoll, was created in France in 1946 yet battled to acquire acknowledgment in the mass market during the 1950s, particularly in America. The advancement came in 1963, after rather huge variants highlighted in the unexpected hit youngster film Beach Party, finishing with the Beach party film sort.

The ascent of pants for ladies A couple of go boots was planned by Andre Courrege in 1965. The 1960s were a period of style development for ladies. The mid-1960s brought forth drainpipe pants and capri pants, a style promoted by Audrey Hepburn. The casual dress turned out to be more gender neutral and frequently comprised of plaid conservative shirts worn with thin Levis, agreeable slacks, or skirts.

Customarily, pants had been seen by western culture as manly, yet by the mid-1960s, it had become satisfactory for ladies to wear them consistently. These included Levi Strauss pants, recently considered regular wear, and “stretch”  drainpipe pants with elastane. Women’s pants arrived in different styles; tight, wide, beneath the knee, over the lower leg, and ultimately mid-thigh. Mid-thigh cut pants, otherwise called shorts, developed around 1969. By adjusting men’s style and wearing pants, ladies voiced their correspondence with men. The mid-1960s (1963-1966)

You've found the one, now I find the dress.

Space Age designs

Space explorer Look (Vienna)

Space age design previously showed up in the last part of the 1950s, and grew further during the 1960s. It was vigorously impacted by the Space Race of the Cold War, notwithstanding famous sci-fi soft cover books, movies, and TV series such as Star Trek: The Original Series, Dan Dare, or Lost In Space. Originators frequently stressed the energy and innovation headways of the Cold War time in their work.

The space age look was characterized by square-shaped shapes, thigh-length hemlines, and intense embellishments. Manufactured material was likewise famous with space-age style planners. Later the Second World War, textures like nylon, corfam, orlon, terylene, lurex, and spandex were advanced as modest, simple to dry, and kink-free. The manufactured textures of the 1960s permitted space age style planners like the late Pierre Cardin to configure pieces of clothing with intense shapes and a plastic surface.

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